Academic Affairs

Liberal Arts CORE

Students may find a list of currently offered Steinhardt CORE courses here. This page is meant as a resource for faculty wishing to propose CORE courses. 

All undergraduate Steinhardt students are required to complete a significant number of courses in the liberal arts. For students pursuing a B.S., the minimum number of liberal arts course units is 60.  B.F.A. and B. Mus. students must complete 40 units. For the B.A., the minimum number is 90 units.  According to New York State regulations, liberal arts courses “comprise the disciplines of the humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, and social sciences,” and are to be distinguished from courses that emphasize applied knowledge, and/or practical, occupational or professional training.  Specifically, “required liberal arts core shall not be directed toward specific occupational or professional objectives.”

Each undergraduate program tailors the liberal arts course requirements to suit the needs of their majors.

Following University-wide guidelines, Steinhardt students complete courses in the following areas, subject to advisement for each program of study. Students take these courses at Steinhardt and the College of Arts and Science. Click a subject area below to view the current CAS definition:

Expository Writing

Foreign Language

Texts and Ideas

Expressive Culture

Cultures and Contexts

Societies and Social Sciences

Natural Sciences

Quantitative Reasoning

Steinhardt CORE Curriculum Courses

Current Steinhardt courses meeting the requirements of the CORE curriculum are listed here. These courses are designed with freshmen and sophomores in mind, vary in enrollment from roughly 20 to more than 100. They are all four unit courses.

Proposing a Course for Inclusion into the CORE

To be considered for inclusion in the CORE, new and exisiting courses can be submitted to Steinahrdt's Directors of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). Proposed courses are submitted to the Chair of the DUS: Susannah Levi at The DUS will call upon the appropriate CORE Advisory Group, and available faculty will review and propose a course for inclusion in the CORE course. The Office of Academic Affairs will inform proposers on the status of the review.