Winter Programs

Sensory Processing Challenges & Opportunities: Autism

Course Number: OT-GE 2332 – 001

Instructor: Kristie P Koenig,  Stephen Mark Shore

Course meets: MoTuWeThFr  9:00AM - 5:00 PM   Jan 9 – Jan 13

Units: 3

Description: This course examines occupational therapy & self-advocate literature & research findings for evidence that examines sensory processing assessment & intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorders with sensory regulatory challenges. Students' will analyze first person narratives  & relevant research to examine the efficacy & effectiveness of intervention.

Class Notes: OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS: NYU AS WELL AS SPECIAL STUDENTS. Please contact Mary P. Baptiste, the Academic Coordinator  at 212-998-5808 or for a Permission Class number to enroll in the course

For more information regarding professors and meeting times, students can use Albert directly. The course can be found under the Department of  Occupational Therapy.