Winter Programs

Introduction to Drama Therapy for Non-Majors

Course Number: MPADT-GE 2110 – 001

Instructor: Andrew Marcus Gaines

Course meets: MoTuWeThFr  5:30AM - 7:30 PM  MoTuWeThFr  8:30AM - 10:30 PM Jan 9 – Jan 13

Units: 2

Description: This course is designed for non-majors as an introduction to the basic concepts, theory & practice of drama therapy. The course will use experiential learning to familiarize students with drama therapy as an embodied & narrative approach to therapy & as a diagnostic & intervention tool. Course is appropriate for students in the other creative arts therapies, social work, applied psychology interested in enhancing clinical skills & for students in educational theater wishing to examine the boundaries between applied dramatic art & therapy.

For more information regarding professors and meeting times, students can use Albert directly. The course can be found under the Department of  Music and Performing Arts.