Winter Programs

Special Topics in Crisis Intervention and Management: Disaster Mental Health

Course Number: APSY-GE 2701 - 001

Instructor: TBD

Units: 3

Course meets: 

Tu/We/Th/Fr 4:55PM - 7:10PM Jan 3 - Jan 6
Mo/Tu/We/Th 4:55PM - 7:10PM Jan 9 - Jan 12
Tu/We/Th/Fr 4:55PM - 7:10PM Jan 17- Jan 20

Description: Provides the theoretical foundation for Psychological support programs & interventions, preparing mental health professionals to serve as disaster mental health providers & first responders.  Investigates the consequences of posttraumatic stress resulting from natural disasters, human-made emergencies, or societal violence on victims, families, emergency workers, & community members.  Examines psychological, physiological, biological, social & behavioral reactions
to emergencies with an emphasis on risk factors, support systems, crisis intervention & treatment.  Explores the effectiveness of programs design to mitigates disaster mental health problems. [10/10/2011]

For more information regarding professors and meeting times, students can use Albert directly. The course can be found under the Department of Applied Psychology.