Winter Programs

Therap Proced in Spch Path: Adv Voice Disord

Course Number: CSCD-GE 2019 - 001

Instructor: Staff

Units: 2

Course meets: MoTuWe 1:15PM - 3:20PM Jan 09 – Jan 12, TuWeThFr 1:15AM - 3:20PM Jan 17 – Jan 20

Description: This course helps students  develop hypothesis about the causes & rehabilitation of voice  disorders.  The course helps students learn to test those hypotheses with patients who have complex dysphonia or aphonia including the aphonia secondary to laryngectomy.  This course is for advanced  master’s & doctoral students & for professionals in the field who work with patients who have voice disorders.

For more information regarding professors and meeting times, students can use Albert directly. The course can be found under the Department of  Communicative Sciences in the Professions.