Media Activism

Winter Programs

Media Activism

Course Number: MCC-GE 2153.002

Instructor: Liel Leibovitz

Points: 4

Course meets: January 7-25, 2013: 6:00pm - 8:45pm (M, T, W, R)  

Description: This participatory and discussion-oriented course explores the  intersections of technology, politics and media. The course will rely  on both a survey of the existing theory and scholarship on media  activism, as well as close analyses of actual practices within both  old and new media and on both a national and global scale. Special  attention will be paid to social media and emerging technologies,  addressing questions concerning the value of media activism as both an  aesthetic and political activity. The course will conclude with a  residency by non-violent activism guru Srdja Popovic, often described  as "the architect of the Arab Spring."

Additional Course Notes: Students must register for this course as a Spring 2013 course though it will run in the Winter Intersession.  Open only to graduate students and advanced undergraduate (by advisement).

For more information regarding professors and meeting times, students can use Albert directly. The course is listed under the Department  Media, Culture and Communication