The goal of The Trees and People Project is to promote ecologically sound policies that sustain and protect our urban forests through an educated local constituency. The project’s objective is to increase awareness and understanding of forested, wooded, and successional areas among teachers, students, and local citizens. As a strategy for protection and preservation of our local woodlands, The Trees and People Project has developed strong partnerships between educators, park managers, and scientists. Through these partnerships, The Trees and People Project engages students and educators in hands-on field based learning in their local forests.

The Trees and People Project was initiated with teacher field trips to Cunningham Park in Queens and Seton Falls Park in the Bronx.  Teachers became aquainted with these forests and how to integrate field studies into their curriculum. Ultimately the project will be replicated in other forested parks throughout the city and create a network of educators, park managers, and scientists working together to promote forest stewardship.


Cunningham Park, Queens

Seton Falls Park, Bronx


Resources for Teaching Urban Forestry in the Classroom

Fact Sheets

Urban Forests and New York City

The Function and Value of Forest Ecosystems

Seton Falls Park, Bronx

Plants of Seton Falls Park

Black Rock Forest, Hudson Highlands


Curriculum Tools

Trees In Our Community Curriculum

A Seasonal Guide to NYC's Invertebrates

Life In The Leaf Litter