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New York State Environmental Literacy Plan

New York State Environmental Literacy Plan

Environmental Literacy Planning in New York

Formed in January 2009 by the New York State Outdoor Education Association, the Environmental Literacy Committee has worked with a number of constituents to develop a draft Environmental Literacy Plan (ELP) for New York State. By gathering stakeholders in various parts of NYS that support the endeavor and working with policy makers to ensure compliance with state standards, the Environmental Literacy Committee is moving the state toward adopting and implementing an ELP that addresses all levels of education, from K-12 students to pre-service teachers to undergraduate students.

As promoting environmental literacy is one of its goals, the Wallerstein Collaborative has been working with the NYSOEA Environmental Literacy Committee to develop the Environmental Literacy Plan for New York State. Mary Leou from NYU, and Beth Klein from SUNY Cortland are currently co-chairs of the Environmental Literacy Committee.

Support Environmental Literacy Efforts

For more information on how you can participate, please visit the NYSOEA environmental literacy page. If you are interested in helping to support the NYS Environmental Literacy Plan, please consider filling out the supporter form or sharing your story of a successful environmental education project.

The NYS Environmental Literacy Plan is currently in the draft phase, and was last updated in August 2011. You may download and read it here. To read about the Environmental Literacy Committee’s activities during 2010, please access their report here.