• Columbia University- Alessandra Giannini
    eesc.columbia.edu/faculty/alessandra-giannini Professor Giannini focuses on climate science and atmospheric science. She is also affiliated with The International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI).... Read More
  • 350.org
    350.org 350.org is an international environmental advocacy group covering a wide range of causes related to climate change. The organization utilizes campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions to advocate against climate change while mobilizing and educating the public.... Read More
  • Advanced Solar Products
    advancedsolarproducts.com Advanced Solar Products is a New Jersey based, full-service installer/integrator of photovoltaic (PV) systems. It harvests solar power for commercial and industrial organizations, educational institutions, municipalities, farming and agricultural businesses, major utilitie... Read More
  • AeonSolar
    aeonsolar.com AeonSolar designs and installs commercial and residential solar photovoltaic (PV) panels in New York, New jersey, California, and Colorado.... Read More
  • Agrion
    agrion.org/who_we_are/contacts.php Agrion is a global network providing a platform for industry leaders in cleantech, corporate sustainability, and energy to come together and exchange ideas. Agrion supports collaboration, and business opportunities that foster environmentally friendly initiatives... Read More
  • Alliance for Clean Energy NY
    aceny.org Alliance for Clean Energy NY  is a coalition of organizations advocating for the use of clean, renewable electricity technologies and energy efficiency in New York State. Aliiance for Clean Energy NY is active in public education and outreach efforts, legislative and regulatory affai... Read More
  • AltPower
    altpower.com AltPower is a leading firm in the field of renewable energy system development, design, and installation, and the number one solar-electric installer in New York City.... Read More
  • Anellotech Inc.
    anellotech.com Anellotech has developed a clean technology platform for inexpensively producing petrochemicals from renewable non-food biomass materials.... Read More
  • Associated Renewable
    associatedrenewable.com/content/green-buildings-new-york Associated Renewable is a leading Green Buildings New York services firm.  Associated Renewable’s experts can show companies how to take advantage of sustainable technology to reduce the operational costs efficiently and economical... Read More
  • Atlantic Wind Connection
    atlanticwindconnection.com The Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) is a project designed to accelerate offshore wind development off the Mid-Atlantic states through a transmission backbone where independent wind generators can connect to. This project will be an essential foundation for this emerging in... Read More
  • Bank of America
    environment.bankofamerica.com/initiatives/operations/leed-certification.html Bank of America employs an Environmental Management System, that is well recognized as best-in-class for financial services and service-sector companies in general. The Bank of America Tower in midtown New York is LEED Pl... Read More
  • BioBus
    biobus.org BioBus is a carbon neutral bus that serves as a classroom. Utilizing experiential learning, students learn about biology and physical science through hands-on activities.... Read More
  • Black Rock Forest Consortium
    blackrockforest.org Back Rock Forest Consortium is a natural living laboratory for field-based scientific research and education. BRF has a LEED-certified lodge and science center to enhance learning.... Read More
  • BPC Green Builders
    www.bpcgreenbuilders.com BPC Green Builders is dedicated to the design, construction and renovation of homes that benefit both homeowners and the environment. The company employs home energy audits, green building, sustainable building, passive house, building science and green architecture approac... Read More
  • Bright Farms
    brightfarms.com BrightFarms finances, designs, builds and operates greenhouse farms at or near supermarkets, cutting time, distance, and cost from the produce supply chain.... Read More
  • Bright Power
    brightpower.com Bright Power offers energy solutions for businesses, including energy benchmarking, energy audits, financial and technical feasibility analysis, energy management, grant & rebate assistance, green building consulting and trainings for professionals and building managers.... Read More
  • Built it Green! NYC
    bignyc.org/what-we-do Build It Green! NYC, is New York City's only non-profit retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials. They are working towards reducing the amount of unnecessary construction and demolition waste which contributes to a multitude of environmental problems.... Read More
  • Callida Energy
    callidaenergy.com Callida Energy is an energy efficiency company that sells software that optimizes the energy use of a building. The Callida solution learns building energy use patterns and creates an optimal building control strategy, making it simpler to optimize energy and continuously improve ... Read More
  • Calm Energy
    http://www.calmenergyinc.com/ CALM Energy provides software-based energy services and solutions to a firm’s existing energy management, whether it be a large electric utility or a micro-grid of buildings, to manage uncertainty and to reduce costs.... Read More
  • Center for Architecture
    cfa.aiany.org The Center for Architecture strives to increase the quality and sustainability of the built environment. The Center aims to accomplish this goal by encouraging communication between multiple stakeholders and forming  unique, cross boundary collaborations.... Read More
  • Center for K12 Stem Education
    NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering's Center for K12 Stem Education develops lesson plans that bridge STEM disiplines with creative experiences, and hands on learning projects for students.... Read More
  • Columbia Univeristy- Nickolas Themelis
    seas.columbia.edu/krumb/Community/themelisCV.html Professor Themelis focuses on transport phenomena in thermal plasma; spraying, energy, and material recovery from solid wastes; cogeneration of electricity and heat; industrial ecology.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Ah-Hyung (Alissa) Park
    columbia.edu/~ap2622/ Professor Park focuses on carbon capture, utilization and storage; sustainable energy conversion systems; synthesis of hydrogen and liquid fuels from alternative energy sources and particle technology.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Andrew Robertson
    iri.columbia.edu Professor Robertson focuses on regional climate variability, predictability and change, probabilistic daily rainfall modeling, predictability of weather-within-climate, and climate downscaling methodologies.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Anthony Barnston
    eesc.columbia.edu/faculty/mr-anthony-g-barnston Professor Barnston's work focuses on Climate and ENSO forecasting, large-scale circulation patterns, and empiracle climate prediction. ... Read More
  • Columbia University- Arlene Fiore
    eesc.columbia.edu/faculty/arlene-m-fiore Professor Fiore focuses on applying global tropospheric chemistry models to advance understanding of interactions among regional air pollution, global atmospheric chemistry, and climate.... Read More
  • Columbia University- David Rind
    eesc.columbia.edu/faculty/prof-david-h-rind Professor Rind focuses on past and future climate changes, climate modeling, stratospheric processes, solar-climate studies, sea ice, land surface effects, and remote sensing.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Dorothy Peteet
    eesc.columbia.edu/faculty/dr-dorothy-m-peteet Professor Peteet focuses on climate modeling and wetland carbon storage.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Jacob Fish
    civil.columbia.edu/jacob-fish Professor Fish focuses his work on life prediction and durability of structural components made of composites, concrete, and nanomaterials.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Klaus Lackner
    http://www.columbia.edu/~kl2010/ Professor Lackner focuses on carbon management, alternative fuels and energy management.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Lorenzo Polvani
    eesc.columbia.edu/faculty/prof-lorenzo-m-polvani Professor Polvani focuses on atmospheric and climate dynamics; geophysical fluid dynamics; numerical methods for weather and climate modeling.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Mark Cane
    eesc.columbia.edu/faculty/prof-mark-cane Professor Cane's work focuses on: climate modeling; paleoclimate; impacts of climate on society; El Niño forecasting; and data analysis methods.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Robert Farrauto
    eee.columbia.edu/fac-bios/Farrauto/faculty.html Dr. Farrauto focuses his research on hydrogen and fuel cells.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Roger Anderson
    eesc.columbia.edu/faculty/dr-roger-n-anderson Professor Anderson focuses on energy research, development and deployment, the smart electric grid, and stress and hydraulic fracturing.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Taro Takahashi
    eesc.columbia.edu/faculty/dr-taro-takahashi Professor Takahashi focuses his work on CO2 cycling through oceans and atmosphere and industrial CO2 accumulation.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Tuncel Yegulalp
    columbia.edu/~yegulalp Professor Yegulalp focuses on zero emission coal, methane hydrate research, and mineral disposal CO2.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Upmanu Lall
    columbia.edu/~ula2/ Professor Lall focuses on hydroclimatology, climate change adaptation, analysis, and mitigation.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Vasilis Fthenakis
    eee.columbia.edu/fac-bios/Fthenakis Professor Fthenakis focuses on life cycle analysis, photovoltaics, and air pollution prevention and control.... Read More
  • Columbia University- Xi Chen
    http://www.columbia.edu/~xc2107/ Professor Chen focuses on nanoscale energetics, environmental engineering mechanics, and nanomechanics.... Read More
  • Community BioFuels
    communitybiofuels.com Community BioFuels is a consulting, marketing and manufacturing company bringing bio-feedstock derived products to the motor fuel and heating oil markets.... Read More
  • Community Environmental Center
    http://www.cecenter.org/ The Community Environmental Center provides energy efficiency services. The Center focuses on green buildings, making the use of energy more sustainable in areas such as insulation, lighting, energy audits, and solar hot water systems.... Read More
  • Con Edison
    coned.com Consolidated Edison Company of New York is a utility company that provides electric service to the majority of New York City and Westchester County. It also provides natural gas service and operates and owns the world's largest district steam service.... Read More
  • CUNY Energy Institute
    http://www.cuny.edu/site/energy.html The CUNY Energy Institute is a research center for sustainable technologies across fields and the CUNY campuses. The Institute primarily focuses on low carbon foot print technology.... Read More
  • Earth Engineering Center
    http://www.seas.columbia.edu/earth/index.html Columbia University's Earth Engineering Center conducts research on the sustainable management of solid, liquid, and gaseous residues of human activity. The Earth Engineering Center believes that the management of waste must be based on scienc... Read More
  • Eco Brooklyn
    ecobrooklyn.com Eco Brooklyn is an innovative green building company focused on turning New York green through low resource material usage and energy efficient construction. They offer a range of services from design to construction.... Read More
  • Eco House (Community Environmental Center)
    cecenter.org/ecohouse The Community Environmental Center EcoHouse is an interactive, mobile exhibit. The EcoHouse displays  how houses and apartments work, making connections between energy usage, saving money, and helping the environment.... Read More
  • Energex
    http://energextech.com/ Energex Technologies is a vendor independent energy monitoring and optimization solution provider. They provide extensive experience and knowledge capital in measurement, analysis, design, and optimization of power and cooling infrastructures.... Read More
  • Energy Efficiency Consultants
    eec-services.com Green residential building technicians... Read More
  • EnergyHub
    energyhub.com EnergyHub is a privately held startup developing systems that reduce home energy consumption and save consumers money. They empower consumers with in-home tools to identify, and rein-in, the energy hogs in the home. Their secure online options let users control energy use from anywher... Read More
  • Enertiv
    enertiv.com Enertiv, Inc. (Enertiv) a privately held cleantech company that designs, manufactures and markets energy monitoring systems, develops related software, and provides installation and implementation services globally. It offers a simple and affordable approach to electricity monitoring th... Read More
  • Environmental Defense Fund
    edf.org/offices/new-york-city The Environmental Defense Fund works to preserve natural systems and combat environmental problems through science research and economic studies.  EDF specifically  focuses  on climate and energy, oceans, ecosystems, and health.... Read More
  • Environmental Protection Agency
    epa.gov The Environmental Protection Agency is a federal administrative agency. It is responislbe for protecting both human health and the environment in the the United States.... Read More
  • ET Solar Inc.
    etsolar.com ET Solar is a solar power one-stop solution provider. They provide all the services and products needed to install and operate solar panels in residential, commercial or utility-scale projects.... Read More
  • ExxonMobil Environmental Services
    http://www.exxonmobil.com/USA-English/HR/careers_campus_bachmast_engineering_emes.aspx ExxonMobil's Environmental Services Company (EMES) is involved in facility demolition, environmental remediation, site reclamation and property disposition projects for ExxonMobil affiliates around the globe.... Read More
  • First Solar
    www.firstsolar.com First Solar is the leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions. With vertically integrated capabilities improving every aspect of the solar value chain, First Solar delivers power plant solutions that maximize value and mitigate risk for cust... Read More
  • FiveBoro Solar
    fiveborosolar.com FiveBoro Solar is a company that designs, builds and repairs solar photovoltaic arrays. They also offer consulting services that deal from product selection to best practices.... Read More
  • Fordham University- Alan Clark
    www.fordham.edu Professor Clark focuses his research on behavioral ecology, natural resource policy, conservation biology, and ornithology.... Read More
  • Fordham University- Benjamin Crooker
    www.fordham.edu Professor Crooker studies magnetic semiconductors. His research involves magnetic semiconductor properties including large magneto-optical effects, spin-glass and other magnetic transitions, and magneto-conductive effects including magnetically tunable band gaps.... Read More
  • Fordham University- Grace Vernon
    www.fordham.edu Professor Vernon is examining the structural and functional adaptations of isopods found in diverse habitats. He is also researching the dynamics of metals metabolism in invertebrates.... Read More
  • Fordham University- Jason Morris
    faculty.fordham.edu/cjamorris Professor Morris specializes in genetics and development biology. He studies how genes build a complex organism with different cell types from the fertilized egg.... Read More
  • Fordham University- Mark Botton
    www.fordham.edu Professor Botton's principal areas of research involve the behavior, ecology and conservation biology of horseshoe crabs. He also studies the controversial horseshoe crab fishery.... Read More
  • Fordham University- Martin Sanzari
    fordham.edu/academics/programs_at_fordham_/physics Professor Sanzari focuses on applying lasers to the study of biological materials. He is also researching a the properties of collagen. ... Read More
  • Fordham University- Quamrul Haider
    www.fordham.edu Professor Haider reasearches intermediate energy nuclear physics. He emphasizes the formation of η-mesic nucleus, pion double-charge-exchange reactions and role of ρ-meson in nuclear physics. His work has led him to the prediction of the existence of the η-mesic nucleus.... Read More
  • Fordham University- Robert Madden
    www.fordham.edu Professor Madden researches areas such as experimental design, data analysis, and the sensory basis for animal orientation in space and time.... Read More
  • Fordham University- Steven Franks
    www.fordham.edu Professor Frank specializes in plant ecology, evolutionary genetics, and evolutionary responses to climate change.... Read More
  • Free Lighting Corp.
    freelightingcorp.com FLC offers services and products to help achieve your energy reduction goals for home or business. The company is working with utility programs for qualified New York, New Jersey and Texas customers at subsidized or no cost. They also offer their services and products to non-pr... Read More
  • Friends of the High Line
    thehighline.org The Friends of the High Line builds and maintains a public park on the High Line. It cultivates a vibrant community around the High Line through stewardship, innovative design, programming, and excellence in operations.... Read More
  • gbNYC
    greenbuildingsnyc.com gbNYC is a green building brokerage firm that offers real estate solutions for tenants and landlords, connecting them to available retail, office, and residential space in high performing buildings – be they LEED-certified, Energy Star-rated, “green,” or othe... Read More
  • Global Green USA: Coalition for Resource Recovery
    http://thecorr.org/ Global Green USA: Coalition for Resource Recovery works to eliminate the concept of waste. The Coalition for Resource recovery is dedicated to closing the loop on material, turning waste into assists.... Read More
  • Global Green USA: New York
    globalgreen.org Global Green USA: New York advocates for smart solutions to global warming. These solutions include green building for affordable housing, green school initiatives, and improving the health of the community while creating green jobs.... Read More
  • Gotham Greens
    gothamgreens.com Gotham Greens is a New York City based company dedicated to growing the highest quality vegetables and culinary herbs for local restaurants and retailers. Gotham Green's premium quality, pesticide-free vegetables and herbs are grown in sterile rooftop greenhouses using clean, renew... Read More
  • Green Charge Networks
    greenchargenet.com Green Charge Networks is specialized in energy storage solutions (batteries) that enable the usage of high-powered electrical equipment without causing extreme demand peaks. This avoids expensive demand charges on the electricity bill and utility infrastructure upgrades. When pai... Read More
  • Green Chimneys
    http://www.greenchimneys.org/ Green Chimneys is a not-for-profit organization helping young people to maximize their full potential by providing residential, educational, clinical and recreational services that create and nurture connections to the community and the natural world.... Read More
  • Green Depot
    www.greendepot.com Green Depot is the nation's leading supplier of environmentally friendly building products, services and home solutions.... Read More
  • Green Edge Collaborative NYC
    greenedgenyc.org Green Edge Collaborative NYC is a social network that is invested in building a sustainable future. It fulfills this mission through establishing connections between people, businesses, other organizations and resources. Green Edge Collaborative also hosts and promotes green events... Read More
  • Green Festival NYC
    greenfestivals.org/volunteer/ Green Festival is an exhibition held in NYC Annually. This exhibitions focuses on green products, technologies, and businesses.... Read More
  • Green Home NYC
    greenhomenyc.org/about-us Green Home NYC is a community-oriented, volunteer-run organization. Green Home  facilitates the adoption of sustainable building methods and materials in the efforts to be a hub of resources for small building owners.... Read More
  • Green Map NYC
    greenapplemap.org Green Map NYC uses maps to bring attention to important issues (i.e problematic sites) throughout the five boroughs. Green Map NYC  encourages community engagement to involve and  increase the number of diversifying stakeholders.... Read More
  • GreenTECH
    Searchable Green Careers Database Please use the options on the right-hand side to search for the Green Careers database.... Read More
  • Greentech Media
    greentechmedia.com Greentech Media is an integrated online media company designed to deliver the highest-quality content in greentech industry.... Read More
  • Hazen and Sawyer
    http://www.hazenandsawyer.com/ Since 1951, Hazen and Sawyer has focused on two critical activities – helping our clients provide safe drinking water to their customers, and controlling water pollution and its effects on the environment.... Read More
  • Hester Street Collaborative
    http://hesterstreet.org/ Hester Street Collaborative's (HSC) mission is to empower residents of underserved communities by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to have a direct impact on shaping their built environment. We do this through a hands-on approach that combines design, e... Read More
  • Honest Buildings
    https://www.honestbuildings.com/ Honest Buildings is a software platform focused on bringing together building service providers, occupants, owners, and other stakeholders onto a single portal to exchange information, offerings, and needs.... Read More
  • Honeywell
    honeywell.com Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges linked to global macro trends such as energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity. Their ... Read More
  • Junto Consulting
    juntoconsulting.com We are a diverse group of sustainability junkies who have spent our entire professional lives working with or as contractors in the construction industry. ... Read More
  • Kiss + Cathcart
    http://www.kisscathcart.com/ Kiss + Cathcart is an active and versatile architectural practice that has completed a wide range of project types while maintaining high standards of design, economy, and ecological soundness.... Read More
  • LED Inspire
    retrofitandrelampwithleds.com LED Inspire (formerly known as Retrofit and Relamp with LEDs Inc.) is one of the largest LED lighting installers in the New York City metropolitan area.... Read More
  • Locus Energy
    locusenergy.com Locus Energy offers a technology platform providing automated monitoring support and data analytics for distributed generation systems (residential, commercial, & industrial), focusing in solar PV.... Read More
  • Lower East Side Ecology Center
    lesecologycenter.org Lower East Side Ecology Center focuses on environmental issues in NYC. It offers free public compost collection and education, electronic waste recycling, stewardship of public open space, and environmental education.... Read More
  • National Grid
    nationalgridus.com National Grid offers electric and natural gas service and promotes the development and implementation of sustainable, innovative and affordable energy solutions.... Read More
  • New York Power Authority
    nypa.gov The New York Power Authority provides clean, low-cost energy to New York. It is the largest state public power organization.... Read More
  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
    dec.ny.gov  The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation's main focus is to conserve, improve and protect New York State's natural resources and environment. This agency also strives to prevent water, land and air pollution, to benefit human health.... Read More
  • New York University - Center for Urban Science and Progress
    The Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP) is a unique public-private research center that usesNew York City as its laboratory and classroom to help cities around the world become more productive, livable, equitable, and resilient. CUSP observes, analyzes, and models cities to optimize outcome... Read More
  • New York University- Barry Hersh
    nyu.edu/sustainability/pdf/BarryHershBio.pdf Professor Hersh has been a leader in the revitalization of brownfields. He also focuses on sustainable property development and has created a set of “sustainable development of contaminated properties” courses for the United States Environmen... Read More
  • New York University- Carlos Restrepo
    http://wagner.nyu.edu/restrepo Professor Restrepo is researching infrastructure security, environmental quality and public health. He is also studying environmental policy.... Read More
  • New York University- David Holland
    caos.cims.nyu.edu/object/davidholland Professor Holland examines geophysical fluid dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, climate system dynamics and ice-ocean interaction.... Read More
  • New York University- Dianne Anderson
    nyu.edu/sustainability/about.sustainability/who.php Diane Anderson is the Sustainable Resources Manager for NYU's Office of Sustainability. She is responsible for managing NYU's sustainability, energy and resource conservation efforts. ... Read More
  • New York University- Kalle Levon
    http://www.poly.edu/people/klevon Professor Levon specializes in organic electronics. He has a particular interest in medical diagnostics and has also investigated photon harvesting from the sun.... Read More
  • New York University- Martin Hoffert
    physics.nyu.edu/people/hoffert.martin.html Professor Hoffert specializes in global environmental change, geophysical fluid dynamics, oceanography, biogeochemical cycles and alternate energy technology.... Read More
  • New York University- Maurizio Porfiri
    http://www.poly.edu/user/mporfiri Professor Porfiri is researching the areas of dynamical systems theory, mathematical control theory, mechanics of advanced materials, and underwater robotics.... Read More
  • New York University- Max Liboiron
    http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/profiles/doctoral/Max_Liboiron Max Liboiron is focusing her research on environmental policy activism, specifically plastic pollution. She is exploring how plastic policy is challenging current ideas of pollution.... Read More
  • New York University- Michael Rampino
    http://biology.as.nyu.edu/object/MichaelRampino.html Professor Rampino specializes in computer modeling of biogeochemical cycles, global climate on time scales from decades to hundreds of million of years, evolution, and volanic eruption.... Read More
  • New York University- Natalie Jeremijenko
    steinhardt.nyu.edu/faculty/Natalie_Jeremijenko Professor Jeremijenko is the director of the xdesign Environmental Health Clinic, focusing on new technology, robotics and environmental change. She helps to develops strategies to effect remediation of environmental systems.... Read More
  • New York University- Oded Nov
    http://www.poly.edu/people/onov Professor Nov is focusing his research on social media and computer supported cooperative work. ... Read More
  • New York University- Ozgem Ornektekin
    nyu.edu/sustainability/about.sustainability/who.php Ozgem Ornektekin is responsible for the strategic planning and management of New York University's sustainability initiatives. She aims to integrate sustainability and energy conservation principals into the operational functions of NYU.... Read More
  • New York University- Rae Zimmerman
    http://wagner.nyu.edu/zimmerman Professor Zimmerman researches environmental quality, environmental health and risk management. He is also examining urban infrastructure, urban adaptations to energy, transportation, and water innovation.... Read More
  • New York University- Tom Igoe
    tisch.nyu.edu/object/IgoeT.html Professor Igoe explores ecologyically-sustainable practices in tecnhology development. ... Read More
  • New York University- Tyler Volk
    http://biology.as.nyu.edu/object/TylerVolk.html Professor Volk examines environmental challenges to global prosperity, metapatterns and principles of form and function in systems, CO2 and global change,and the role of life in Earth dyanamics.... Read More
  • New York University- Vicki Been
    https://its.law.nyu.edu/facultyprofiles/profile.cfm?personID=19774 Professor Been specializes and teaches a course on Land Use Regulation. She has also written extensively on Environmental Justice and other land use topics.... Read More
  • New York University- Zivan Zabar
    poly.edu/user/zzabar Professor Zabar specializes in electric power systems, electric drives and power electronics.... Read More
  • New York University-Catherine Milne
    Professor Milne is studying how science teachers use representations in science. These representations include graphs, diagrams, technology etc. She also focuses her research on the strategies that are used to imporve general literacy of students. ... Read More
  • NGO Sustainability Inc
    unngosustainability.org NGO Sustainability Inc is a nonprofit organization that discloses how the  United Nations, NGOs, academia, and other organizations promote sustainable development. NGO Sustainability does this by reporting on relevant conferences, meetings and discussions specifically o... Read More
  • NJIT Center for Building Knowledge
    http://www.centerforbuildingknowledge.org/ The mission of the Center for Building Knowledge (CBK) is to create new knowledge that will help individuals and communities make better-informed decisions concerning the built environment. The Center engages in a comprehensive program of applied research,... Read More
  • NY Sun Works
    nysunworks.org NY Sun Works teaches the science of sustainability through urban farming. Its farms include Science Barge, a floating, sustainable urban farm located on the Hudson River, and a greenhouse at PS 333 on Manhattan’s upper west side.... Read More
  • NYC Compost Project
    http://www.nyc.gov/html/nycwasteless/html/compost/compostproj.shtml The NYC Compost Project provides compost education and outreach to NYC residents, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. Each NYC Compost Project location hosts a home composting demonstration site, a compost telephone helpline, ... Read More
  • NYC Department of Environmental Protection
    nyc.gov The NYC Department of Environmental Protection protects public health and the environment in NYC. It is able to achieve this by supplying clean drinking water, collecting and treating wastewater, and reducing air, noise, and hazardous substance pollution.... Read More
  • NYC Department of Sanitation
    nyc.gov/html/nycwasteless/html/recycling/recycling_nyc.shtml, nyc.gov/html/nycwasteless/html/compost/compostproj.shtml The NYC Department of Sanitation handles waste collection and disposal. Its programs include: recycling, NYC Compost Program, and NYCWasteless.... Read More
  • NYC Department of Transportation
    nyc.gov The NYC Department of Transportation provides for the safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible movement of people and goods throughout the city. It promotes the use of sustainable modes of transportation.... Read More
  • NYC Green Car
    nycgreencar.com Hybrid... Read More
  • NYSERDA Green Jobs - Green New York Program
    nyserda.ny.gov/en/Energy-Efficiency-and-Renewable-Programs/Green-Jobs-Green-New-York.aspx NYSERDA Green Jobs- Green New York (GJGNY) is a statewide program to promote energy efficiency and the installation of clean technologies. GJGNY also provides pathways to training for green-collar careers.... Read More
  • OnForce Solar
    onforcesolar.com OnForce Solar is the only solar company in the Bronx. They develop, design, engineer, finance, install and maintain solar energy systems on a national scale.... Read More
  • Open Plans
    openplans.org Open Plans  works with cities and surrounding community organizations, presenting tools for urban planning projects. It collaborates with the public sector to create technology for an inclusive government, addressing transportation and planning problems.... Read More
  • Own Energy
    ownenergy.net/project-development/our-services Own Energy provides community scale wind energy services including prospecting, development, contracting, financing, building, and operation and maintenance. ... Read More
  • Perkins + Will
    perkinswill.com Perkins + Will is an international building architectural, design and construction company that focuses some of its work on sustainability and green solutions. Sprout Space, a customizable healthy and sustainable classroom space that is easily assembled, is one example of this. ... Read More
  • Queens Botanical Garden
    queensbotanical.org Queens Botanical Garden offers educational programs and promotes environmental stewardship. It facilitates green job training, composting programs, and gardening programs in aspiration to connect people and nature.... Read More
  • Quixotic Systems
    quixotic-systems.com Quixotic Systems designs and engineers innovative solar energy systems for residential, commercial and non-profit clients. It analyzes a client's energy portfolio and their building’s infrastructure to determine what type of system is best: solar heating, solar hot water,... Read More
  • Radiator Labs
    radiatorlabs.com Radiator Labs converts old cast-iron radiators into precision heating machines. Through its technology, Radiator Labs adds climate control, operational efficiency and safety to any radiator, transforming steam heat into a comfortable and efficient solution.... Read More
  • Recyclebank
    recyclebank.com Recyclebank rewards people for taking everyday green actions with discounts and deals from local and national businesses. It provides educational services through their programs and blogs. It also works with Green Schools.... Read More
  • Rentricity
    rentricity.com Rentricity Inc. is a renewable energy company based in New York City. We design and install a unique energy recovery system called Flow-to-Wire™. The system harnesses excess pressure within water mains and uses it to generate clean electric power.... Read More
  • Sendyne
    sendyne.com/Company/About_Sendyne.html Sendyne is a technology company based in New York City that takes on the challenge of coming up with novel and effective approaches for solving many of the issues associated with large-scale energy storage.... Read More
  • Sims Municipal Recycling Facility
    nycedc.com/project/sims-municipal-recycling-facility Sims Municipal Recycling Facility is a state-of-the-art recycling facility located at the 30 Street Pier of the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal that aims to mitigate the City's recyclables management traffic by transporting most of the material v... Read More
  • Skylands Renewable Energy
    skylandsrenewableenergy.com Skylands Renewable Energy, LLC works with individuals, businesses, municipalities, schools, churches and farms to assess, develop, install and maintain renewable energy systems powered by the wind and the sun.... Read More
  • Solar Energy NY
    solarenergyny.com Solar Energy NY Corp offers renewable energy solutions and provide ‘green’ services to new markets. It serves New York Metro and Tri-State area customers with electrical, solar power and other energy-saving solutions.... Read More
  • Solar Energy Systems
    solaresystems.com Solar Energy Systems, LLC, is a leading integrator of commercial solar electric systems in the Northeastern United States. It finances, designs, engineers and builds solar photovoltaic (PV) installations utilizing licensed tradespersons.... Read More
  • Solar One
    solar1.org Solar One is a green energy, arts and education center that teaches how to live sustainably in an urban environment. Solar One is also responsible for the management of  Stuyvesant Cove Park.... Read More
  • Spectrum Bioenergy
    spectrumbioenergy.com Spectrum Bioenergy offers eco-friendly solutions to handle organic waste. Using proven Anaerobic Digestion technology and smart, low-cost engineering, their systems unlock the value in organic waste streams – such as food and dairy waste – by converting them into b... Read More
  • Steven Winter Associates
    swinter.com Steven Winter Associates, Inc. provides research, consulting and advisory services to improve commercial, residential and multifamily built environments. They specialize in energy, sustainability and accessibility consulting as well as certification, research & development and compl... Read More
  • Stevens Institue of Technology- Leslie Brunell
    archive.stevens.edu/ses/ceoe/People Professor Brunell focuses her research on surface and ground water quality, non-point sources, water pollutants, and storm water management.... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Alan Blumberg
    archive.stevens.edu/ses/ceoe/People Professor Blumberg's work involves understanding and predicting the physical dynamics of estuarine and coastal ocean circulation and the creation of ocean observing and forecasting systems which are used for environmental studies, surface vessel operations, and f... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Barry Bunin
    http://archive.stevens.edu/ses/ece/people/faculty_profile.php?faculty_id=121&BarryBunin Professor Bunin specializes in maritime security networks, internet technology, and wireless technology.... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Christos Christodoulatos
    http://www.stevens.edu/green/faculty_profile.php?faculty_id=42 Professor Christodoulatos research includes the recovery of nutrients from inedible plant material, greywater treatment in gravity independent bioreactors and theinvestigation of biodegradation and potential toxicity of hexanitrohexaaza... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Cristina Comaniciu
    archive.stevens.edu/ses/ece/people Professor Comaniciu studies game theoretic approaches for the design of energy, wireless networks, and cross-layer design.... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Dilhan Kalyon
    archive.stevens.edu/ses/cems/people/faculty_profile.php?faculty_id=8&DilhanKalyon Professor Kalyon focuses on comprehensive technologies in multiple areas including the disposal of very toxic liquids, recycling and reuse of energetic materials,and a safe disposal technique for medical waste an... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Henry Du
    http://archive.stevens.edu/ses/cems/people/faculty_profile.php?faculty_id=6&HenryDu Professor Du researches the high-temperature environmental stability of engineering ceramics, the fabrication of photonic crystal fibers and long-period fiber gratings, molecular- and nano- scale functionalizati... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Matthew Libera
    http://archive.stevens.edu/ses/cems/people/faculty_profile.php?faculty_id=10&MatthewLibera Professor Libera specializes in polymeric biomaterials and hydrogels, electron microscopy, and electron energy-loss spectroscopy.... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Narayan Ganesan
    personal.stevens.edu/~nganesan Professor Ganesan researches heterogeneous and high performance computing, computational and systems biology, mathematical systems theory, modeling and optimization, and quantum computing information and control.... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Robert Besser
    http://archive.stevens.edu/ses/cems/people/faculty_profile.php?faculty_id=1&RonaldBesser Professor Besser's work and research is in processing liquid hydrocarbon fuels into hydrogen for fuel cells, and the generation of oxygen for compact. He is also studying air-independent fuel cell systems.... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Suphan Kovenklioglu
    http://archive.stevens.edu/ses/cems/people/faculty_profile.php?faculty_id=12&SuphanKovenklioglu Professor Kovenklioglu specializes in reaction engineering and catalysis crystallization. He also researches the removal and disposal of toxic chemicals. ... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Thomas Harrington
    archive.stevens.edu/ses/ceoe/People Professor Harrington specializes in coastal hydrodynamics, sediment transport, wave-structure interaction, coastal meteorology, coastal hazard mitigation and the development of coastal observing systems.... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Victor Lawrence
    ece.stevens-tech.edu/iNetS/people/LawrenceVita.html Professor Lawrences is investigating signal processing, intelligent communication networks.... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Washington Braida
    archive.stevens.edu/ses/ceoe/People Professor Braida focuses on a wide variety of fields including life cycle assessment applications, remediation and fate and transport of heavy metals and organic pollutants in soil, sediment and water environments, remedial technologies for contaminated wastewate... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology- Yi Guo
    http://research.stevens.edu/Yi-Guo/rid/116 Professor Guo specializes in oil detecting ocean robots, cooperative mobile robotics, power system stabilization and decentralized control.... Read More
  • Stevens Institute of Technology-Yujun Zhao
    archive.stevens.edu/ses/cems/people/faculty_profile.php?faculty_id=174&YujunZhao Professor Zhao specializes in bioreductions, biocatalysts, and bioreactors. He is also researching plant cell and tissue culture as well as bioseparation technology and engineering. ... Read More
  • Sustainable South Bronx
    ssbx.org Sustainable South Bronx focuses on integrated economic and environmental solutions, resulting in more prosperous and revitalized communities. It has a green collar workforce training program for adults and a community greening initiative.... Read More
  • TerraMai
    terramai.com TerraMai works with top architects, designers, builders and manufacturers to provide one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood products for premiere commercial, residential and other projects.... Read More
  • Terrapin Bright Green
    terrapinbrightgreen.com Terrapin Bright Green is a consulting company that specializes in green design and construction. They provide research and collaboration opportunities with key players in sustainable design. They also include biomimicry and biophilia principles into projects.... Read More
  • TEST
    TEST ... Read More
  • The City University of New York - Shengping Zheng
    hunter.cuny.edu/chemistry/faculty/Shengping/Shengping Professor Zheng focuses on the design and development of new synthetic methodologies and their application to the total synthesis of structurally complex and biologically active natural products.... Read More
  • The City University of New York - Yael Wyner
    http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/profiles/Yael-Wyner.cfm Professor Wyner focuses on modern concepts in ecology and linking ecology to everday life.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Akira Kawamura
    hunter.cuny.edu/chemistry/faculty/Akira/akira-kawamura-ph.d Professor Kawamura focuses on natural products chemistry and chemical proteomics.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Beth Wittig
    ccny.cuny.edu/prospective/gsoe/ese/directory Professor Wittig focuses his research on measurement, evaluation, and modeling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fine particulate matter (PM) species, air pollution, and environmental impact assessments.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Charles Drain
    hunter.cuny.edu/chemistry/faculty/Mike/Drain Professor Drain focuses on self-assembly and energy transduction as well as organic dyes for solar cells.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Charles Vörösmarty
    http://asrc.cuny.edu/crossroads/vorosmarty.html Professor Vörösmarty focuses on global hydrology, climate change, sustainable development, and environmental engineering.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Donna McGregor
    http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/chemistry/faculty/mcgregor Professor McGregor focuses his work on chemical education pedagogy and technetium-99 radioactive waste remediation using polyoxometalates as mimics for metal oxide storage matrice.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Fred Moshary
    ccny.cuny.edu/prospective/gsoe/ese/directory Professor Moshary is the Director of the Earth System Science and Environmental Engineering at CUNY and his area of focus is in electrical engineering. ... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Hiroshi Matsui
    hunter.cuny.edu/chemistry/faculty/Hiroshi/matsui-group Professor Matsui focuses his research on bio-nanotechnology, electronics, sensors, photonics, spectroscopy, and molecular motors.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Ioannis Stamos
    cs.hunter.cuny.edu/~ioannis Professor Stamos focuses on 3-D modeling using range data, 3-D Visualization, Range and Image Sensor Fusion, and Sensor Planning.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Jianting Zhang
    http://www-cs.ccny.cuny.edu/~jzhang/ Professor Zhang focuses on ecological informatics, computer engineering, and environmental engineering.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- John Fillos
    http://www-ce.engr.ccny.cuny.edu/People/Fillos.htm Professor Fillos focuses his research and work in environmental engineering and municipal wastewater treatment.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Jorge Gonzalez
    http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/profiles/Jorge-E-Gonzalez.cfm Professor Gonzalez focuses on mechanical engineering and earth sciences.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Mande Holford
    hunter.cuny.edu/chemistry/faculty/mande-holford/Shengping Professor Holford's area of research is chemical and biological diversity.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Marco Castaldi
    http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/profiles/Marco-J-Castaldi.cfm Professor Castaldi focuses on thermal and catalytic conversion of carbon based materials to desired products.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Marouane Temimi
    http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/profiles/Marouane-Temimi.cfm Professor Temimi focuses his work on earth sciences and environmental engineering.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Saad Mneimneh
    cs.hunter.cuny.edu/~saad/ Professor Mneimneh focuses on algorithms and their use in understanding biology and nature.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Spiro Alexandratos
    hunter.cuny.edu/chemistry/faculty/Spiro/Spiro Professor Alexandratos researches and prepares polymers modified with ion-selective ligands to use in areas where toxic metal ions must be removed from water-based environments in order to be considered safe. ... Read More
  • The City University of New York- Susan Epstein
    http://www.cs.hunter.cuny.edu/~epstein/ Professor Epstein's area of study is problem solving, cognitive modeling, machine learning, and knowledge representation with applications to constraint satisfaction programming, protein folding, two-dimensional layout design, and game playing.... Read More
  • The City University of New York- William Rossow
    ccny.cuny.edu/prospective/gsoe/ese/directory Professor Rossow focuses his work on water and air quality, climate research, global energy and the water cycle.... Read More
  • The Clinton Foundation
    clintonfoundation.org The Clinton Foundation utilizes partnerships and programs to combat climate change. Their vision is that cities can lead the charge by introducing cleaner public transportation, alternative waste management, and building retrofits.... Read More
  • The International Research Institute for Climate and Society
      portal.iri.columbia.edu The International Research Institute for Climate and Society works for the creation and provision of climate science that meets the needs of the developing world. It collaborates with partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America to develop research.... Read More
  • The Megawatt Hour
    home.themwh.com The Megawatt Hour is a subscription service that helps clients manage and control energy costs. The Megawatt Hour puts clients in charge of their energy costs and turns data into actionable information. ... Read More
  • The River Project
    riverprojectnyc.org The River Project is a marine science field station. It is dedicated to protecting and restoring the Hudson River ecosystem through scientific research and education.... Read More
  • The Solar Energy Consortium
    thesolarec.org The Solar Energy Consortium is an industry-led organization that assists manufacturing/R&D firms in the solar and renewable energy sector. It offers technical, operating, and business support.... Read More
  • ThinkEco
    thinkecoinc.com ThinkEco is a company that offers a solution to energy consumption at home or at the office through a product called a Modlet, which regulates the electricity flow to appliances plugged in it through a web based program that users can access.... Read More
  • Time's Up
    times-up.org TIME'S UP! utilizes educational programs and events to promote a more sustainable city.  Examples of these activities include environmental campaigns and a bike co-op.... Read More
  • TransCanada
    http://www.transcanada.com/splash/ TransCanada builds and operates the energy infrastructure in North America. It is one of the continent’s largest providers of gas storage and related services.... Read More
  • Transportation Alternatives
    http://www.transalt.org/ Transportation Alternatives is a transportation advocacy organization working to make NYC streets safer. This organization promotes biking, walking, and public transit as the cities best forms of transportation.... Read More
  • Trees New York
    treesny.org Trees New York work aims to protect New York City’s urban forest. It fulfills this mission through education, citizen participation and advocacy.... Read More
  • Tri-State Biodiesel
    tristatebiodiesel.com Tri-State Biodiesel is a social enterprise dedicated to creating a more just and sustainable world by providing a carbon neutral alternative to petroleum diesel. Founded by environmentalists and entrepreneurs, Tri-State Biodiesel provides clean, renewable Biodiesel fuel made f... Read More
  • Tri-State Transportation Campaign
    tstc.org Tri-State Transportation Campaign promotes alternative forms of transportation in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The Campaign utilizes community and campaign organizing, technical analysis, media and legal advocacy to fulfill its mission.... Read More
  • Turner
    turnerconstruction.com/about-us/sustainability Turner is a construction company that provides building services to clients. They are committed to green buildings and sustainability and provide education to their staff and workers to be able to deliver up to date sustainable practices to clients.... Read More
  • U.S. Energy Group
    use-group.com U.S. Energy Group provides technology which helps buildings save money and energy by monitoring and controlling all energy usage. They offer the only turnkey solution that enables web-based monitoring, control and conservation of oil, gas, water and electric resources for a rapid payb... Read More
  • Uncharted Play
    unchartedplay.com Uncharted Play is a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to improving lives through play. Their flagship product is the SOCCKET, an energy harnessing soccer ball used to teach kids about energy and sustainable development.... Read More
  • United Metro Energy
    www.metroenergy.com United Metro Energy supplies and delivers bioheat, biodiesel, heating oil, air conditioning, ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD), natural gas and gasoline throughout the New York Metropolitan Area and Long Island.... Read More
  • Urban Electric Power
    urbanelectricpower.com Urban Electric Power (UEP) is commercializing advanced rechargeable zinc anode battery technology, which provides higher performance at a lower cost, using inherently safe and environmentally sustainable materials.... Read More
  • Urban Green Council
    urbangreencouncil.org Urban Green Council is the New York Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. It provides a wide range of educational and networking events for the green building community; conducts research; and advocates for change that will make cities more sustainable.... Read More
  • Verdant Power
    verdantpower.com Verdant Power is a provider in the design and application of marine renewable energy solutions. Verdant Power systems employ underwater turbines to generate renewable and reliable clean energy from the natural water currents of oceans, rivers and manmade channels.... Read More
  • Wind Analytics
    windanalytics.com Wind Analytics provides a patent-pending, web-based software tool, designed to quickly, accurately, and cost effectively assess a property’s wind resource for optimal distributed wind turbine siting.... Read More
  • Window Farms
    windowfarms.com Windowfarms is a Brooklyn-based social enterprise that helps city dwellers around the world grow some of their own fresh food. Windowfarms makes vertical indoor food gardens that optimize the conditions of windows for year-round indoor growing of greens, herbs, and small vegetables.... Read More
  • Zeropoint Clean Tech
    zeropointcleantech.com/company Zeropoint Clean Tech offers biomass solutions to make renewable energy and sequester carbon. These technologies can deliver carbon-neutral synthesis gas, electricity, and heat to communities around the world.... Read More