Auburn University – Auburn, AL

School of Forestry and Wildlife Science - M.S., Master of Forestry, Ph.D

Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures - M.S., Ph.D.

Graduate Program in Planning - Masters in Community Planning



University of Alaska- Fairbanks, AK

School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences



Arizona State University - Tempe, AZ

Department of Plant Biology - M.S., Ph.D.

Department of Biology - M.S., Master of Natural Science, Ph.D.

College of Architecture and Environmental Design; School of Planning and Landscape Architecture - M.S. in Environmental Resources, Master of Environmental Planning

Prescott College - Prescott, AZ

 Environmental Studies and Experiential Education - M.A.

University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Program - M.S., Ph.D.

School of Renewable Natural Resources - M.S., Master of Landscape Architecture, Ph.D.

Soil, Water and Environmental Science Program

Graduate Program in Environment and Behavior

Arid Land Resource Sciences Ph.D. Program


California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Ibispo, CA

College of Architecture and Design - M.S.

School of Agriculture - M.S. Ecology, Forestry

Department of City and Regional Planning

California State University, Chico - Chico, CA

Department of Recreation & Parks Management - Master of Arts in Recreation Administration

Department of Geography and Planning - M.A., Master of Rural and Town Planning

California State University, Fullerton - Fullerton, CA

Environmental Studies Program - M.S.

California State University, Hayward - Hayward, CA

Environmental Education Specialization - M.S

Department of Earth and Environmental Studies- M.S

California State University, Long Beach - Long Beach, CA

Department of Geological Sciences- M.S.

California State University, Northridge - Northridge, CA

Department of Geological Sciences - M.S

California State University, Sacramento - Sacramento, CA

Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies- M.S

Biological Sciences Graduate Program - M.S.

California State University, Stanislaus - Stanislaus, CA

Marine Science Program - M.S.

Humboldt State – Humboldt, CA

Natural Resources (MS)

Environmental Systems Graduate Program - M.S.

Master of Science in Natural Resources

Master of Arts in Biology

Environmental Education

Scripps Institution of Oceanography – San Diego, California

Sonoma State University - Rohnert Park, CA

Biology Program - M.A.

Stanford University - Stanford, CA

Department of Biological Sciences - M.S., Ph.D.

Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Development Biology, Genetics, Plant Biology, Population and Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, Marine Biology

Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences

University of California, Berkeley - Berkeley, CA

Program in Environmental Law - J.D.

Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Energy and Resources Group

Department of Geography

University of California, Davis - Davis, CA

Graduate Group in Ecology - M.S., Ph.D.

University of California, Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA

Environmental Health Science Program - M.S., Master of Public Health, Ph.D., Doctor of Public Health, Doctor of Environmental Science and Engineering

Geography Program - M.A., Ph.D.

Environmental Science and Engineering Program - Doctor of Environmental Science and Engineering

University of California, Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara, CA

Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

University of California, Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, CA

Environmental Studies Board - Ph.D



University of Colorado at Boulder - Boulder, CO

School of Law - J.D. Environmental Law

Department of Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology

Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Environmental Policy

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences

University of Colorado at Denver- Denver, CO

Environmental Sciences Program - M.S.

Program Concentration in Environmental Affairs - Master in Public Affairs, Master of Criminal Justice, Ph.D.

Civil Engineering - M.S

School of Architecture and Planning: Program in Environmental and Land Use Planning (Urban and Regional Planning Program)

Colorado State University- Fort Collins, CO

Department of Fisheries & Wildlife Conservation (MS)

Environmental Policy, Administration, and Planning, Earth Science

Department of Natural Resources - M.S.

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Department of Atmospheric Science

Department of Biology

Programs in Ecology

Department of Fishery and Wildlife Biology

Department of Forest Sciences

Department of Range Sciences

Department of Recreational Resources



The University of Connecticut -Storrs, CT

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - M.S., Ph.D.

Environmental Science

Yale University - New Haven, CT

School of Forestry and Environmental Studies - M.S., Master of Environmental Science, Master of Forestry, Master of Forest Science, Ph.D., Doctorate of Forestry and Environmental Studies



University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Graduate College of Marine Studies



George Washington University - Washington, D.C.

Environmental Law Program - L.L.M. Environmental Law

Committee on Environmental and Resource Policy



Florida Institute of Technology - Melbourne, FL

Environmental Science Program- M.S., Ph.D.

Program in Environmental Education

Nova Southeastern University - Dania, FL

Institute of Marine and Coastal Studies - M.S., Ph.D.

University of Florida - Gainesville, FL

Wildlife Ecology & Conservation

Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries-- M.S., Ph.D.

Botany Program - M.S., Ph.D.

School of Natural Resources and Conservation

Department of Environmental Engineering

Department of Environmental Horticulture

Department of Food and Resource Economics

Department of Geography

Department of Geology (Environmental Geology)

Department of Soil and Water Science

University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

International Ocean and Coastal Law Programme, School of Law

Center for Sustainable Fisheries

Roenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science - M.S., M.A., Ph.D.

University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, FL

College of Marine Sciences



University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Fisheries and Aquaculture

School of Law, Marine Policy/ Environmental

Wildlife Ecology and Management



University of Hawaii, Manoa, HI

School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology



Idaho State University - Pocatello, ID

Department of Biological Sciences - M.S., Ph.D., Doctor of Arts

University of Idaho –Moscow, ID

Wildlife Resources



Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, IL

Program in Environmental and Energy Law - J.D

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale - Carbondale, IL

Department of Forestry- M.S.

Geography - M.S.

University of Illinois at Springfield - Springfield, IL

Program in Environmental Studies- M.A

University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, IL

Fish and Wildlife Ecology



Ball State University- Muncie, IN

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management - M.A., M.S

Indiana University - Bloomington, IN

School of Public and Environmental Affairs - M.S., M.P.A., Ph.D.

Purdue University - West Layfette, IN

Forestry and Natural Resources Program - M.S., Master of Forestry, Ph.D

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science

Program in Environmental and Population Biology



Iowa State University Ames, Iowa

Wildlife Biology (MS)

Fisheries Biology (MS)

Department of Forestry - M.S., Master of Forestry, Ph.D.

The University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA

Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health - M.S., Ph.D.



Eastern Kentucky University - Richmond, KY

Department of Biological Sciences - M.S

Department of Recreation and Park Administration

University of Louisville - Louisville, KY

Biology Program - M.S., Ph.D.



Louisiana State University –Baton Rouge, LA

Wildlife (MS)

Fisheries (MS)

Wildlife and Fisheries Science (PhD)

McNeese State University - Lake Charles, LA

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences - M.S.

Southern University - Baton Rouge, LA

Environmental Science Program - M.S.

Tulane University - New Orleans, LA

Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology Program - M.S., Ph.D.

Environmental Law Program -L.L.M., J.D.



College of the Atlantic - Bar Harbor, ME

Human Ecology Program - Master of Philosophy

University of Maine - Orono, ME

Wildlife Ecology Program - Ph.D.

School of Forest Resources - Forest Management Program - M.S., Master of Wildlife Conservation, Ph.D.



Frostburg State University – Frostburg, MD

Wildlife/Fisheries Biology (MS)

Programs in Applied Ecology & Conservation Biology, and Wildlife/Fisheries Biology - M.S.

Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD

Department of Environmental Health Sciences - M.S., Master of Health Science, Ph.D., Science Doctorate, Doctor of Public Health

Environmental Quality and Public Health, Environmental Science

Program in Environmental Chemistry

Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering (includes Ecology)

Department of Environmental and Natural Resources

University of Maryland - College Park, MD

Fisheries Science (MS)

Graduate Program in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology - M.S.

Program in Plant Ecology

Graduate Program in Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences

School of Public Affairs - Master of Public Management, Master of Public Policy, Ph.D



Boston University - Boston, MA

Center for Energy and Environmental Studies - M.A.

Department of Geography

Program in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution

Harvard University - Cambridge, MA

Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology - Ph.D

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Center for Global Health and the Environment, Harvard Medical School

Department of Environment, School of Public Health

Environment and Natural Resources Program, Kennedy School of Government

Program in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Graduate School of Design

Tufts University - Medford, MA

International Environmental and Resource Policy Program - M.A., Ph.D.

Urban and Environmental Policy Program Resource Policy and Planning

University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA

Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation (MS, PhD)



Michigan State University- East Lansing, MI

Fisheries and Wildlife (MS, PhD)

Michigan Technical University - Houghton, MI

School of Forestry and Wood Products - M.S., Ph.D.

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI

School of Natural Resources and the Environment –M.S

Master in Forestry, Master of Landscape Architecture, Ph.D.



Minnessota State University - Mankato, MN

Environmental Sciences Program - M.S.

University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN

Department of Fisheries & Wildlife Conservation (MS)

University of Minnesota - St. Paul, MN

Forestry Program - M.S., Master of Forestry, Ph.D.

Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences



Mississippi State University - Mississippi State, MS

Wildlife & Fisheries Science (MS)

Department of Forestry - M.S., Ph.D



Jackson State University - Jackson, MS

Program in Environmental Science - M.S

University of Missouri - Columbia, MS

Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences (MS, PhD)



Montana State University - Bozeman, MT

Land Rehabilitation Program - M.S., Ph.D

Ecology Fish and Wildlife Management Program- M.S., Ph.D.

Biology Department

Department of Animal and Range Sciences

University of Montana, - Missoula, MT

Wildlife Biology (MS)

Fish & Wildlife Biology (PhD)

Program in Environmental Studies - M.S.

School of Law - J.D.

School of Forestry



Antioch New England Graduate School - Keene, NH

Department of Environmental Studies - M.S., Ph.D

Dartmouth College - Hanover, NH

Earth, Ecosystem, and Ecological Sciences Program - Ph.D.

University of New Hampshire Durham, New Hampshire

Wildlife Ecology (MS)

Department of Natural Resources - M.S., Ph.D.



Montclair State University - Branchville, NJ

New Jersey School of Conservation - M.A.

New Jersey Institute of Technology - Newark, NJ

Environmental Policy Studies Program - M.S.

Princeton University - Princeton, NJ

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Program - Ph.D.

Program in Science, Technology, and Public Policy

Program in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

Energy/Environmental Studies

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, NJ

Geography Graduate Program - M.A., Ph.D.

Environmental Sciences Program - M.S., Ph.D.

Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources Ecology; Molecular Evolution, Population Genetics, and Evolution; Conservation



New Mexico State University- Las Cruces, New Mexico

Fishery & Wildlife Science



Bard College - Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Environmental Policy - M.S.

Climate Science & Policy - M.S.

City University of New York (CUNY) - New York, NY

Doctoral Program in Environmental Psychology - Ph.D

Earth and Environmental Studies Program - Ph.D

Clark University - Worchester, NY

Program in International Development & Social Change - M.A.

Program in Environment, Technology, and Society - M.A.

Columbia University, New York, NY

Climate and Society - M.A.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – M.A, Ph.D.

Environmental Policy – M.A

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Cornell University – Ithaca, NY

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - M.S., M.P.S., Ph.D

Environmental Education Program

Cornell Center for the Environment

Wildlife Science

Fishery Science


Fordham University - Bronx, NY

          Ethics and Society - M.A.

New York University - New York, NY

Department of Applied Science, Energy Science Program - M.S., Ph.D.

Department of Biology - M.S.

Environmental Conservation Education – M.A

Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine M.S., Ph.D.

Science and Environmental Reporting Program M.S.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Troy, NY

Environmental Management and Policy Program - M.S., Ph.D.

Corporate Environmental Management, Environmental Quality and Public Health

Civil Engineering

Department of Earth and Environmental Studies

SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry – Syracuse, NY

Fish and Wildlife Biology and Management

Environmental Science and Forestry Program - M.S., Master of Landscape Architecture, Ph.D.



Duke University - Durham, NC

Nicholas School of the Environment - Master of Environmental Management, Master of Forestry, M.A., M.S., Ph.D

North Carolina State University- Raleigh, North Carolina

Program in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management - M.S., Master of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Program in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences - M.S., Master of Wildlife Biology, Ph.D.

Program in Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences- M.S., Ph.D

Earth Sciences

Department of Zoology - M.S., Master of Life Science, Ph.D

Ecology, Conservation Biology

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill, NC

Department of City and Regional Planning - Master of Regional Planning, Ph.D.

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering



Miami University - Oxford, OH

Institute of Environmental Studies - Master of Environmental Science

Ohio State University- Columbus, OH

Fisheries Management & Aquaculture

Environmental Science Graduate Program - M.S., Ph.D.

School of Natural Resources - M.S.

Ohio University - Athens, OH

Environmental Studies Graduate Program - M.S.



Oklahoma State University - Stillwater, OK

Zoology Program - M.S., Ph.D.

Environmental Sciences Graduate Program

College of Human Environmental Sciences

Department of Forestry

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resource



Lewis and Clark College - Portland, OR

Northwestern School of Law, Natural Resources Law Institute - L.L.M., J.D.

Oregon Health and Science University - Beaverton, OR

Environmental Science and Engineering Program - M.S., Ph.D.

Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences

College of Forestry - M.S., Master of Forestry, Ph.D.

Marine Resource Management Program - M.S

Fisheries and Wildlife Program - M.S., Master of Interdisciplinary Studies, Master of Agriculture, Ph.D.

Geosciences Program (Geology, Geography, Environmental Sciences, Natural Resources) - M.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Portland State University - Portland, OR

Environmental Sciences and Resources Doctoral Program - Ph.D.



Lehigh University - Bethlehem, PA

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences - M.S., Ph.D.

Penn State University – University Park, PA

Wildlife and Fisheries



Brown University - Providence, RI

Center for Environmental Studies - M.A.

University of Rhode Island, , Kingston, RI

Graduate Program in Marine Affairs

Graduate School of Oceanography

Department of Natural Resources Science - M.S., Ph.D.

Department of Environment and Natural Resource Economics



Clemson University – Clemson, SC

Department of Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management - M.S.,

Master of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management, Ph.D.

Department of Forestry Resources Forestry

Department of Aquaculture, Fisheries, and Wildlife Biology

Department of Environmental Toxicology



Tennessee Technological University -Cookeville, TN

Program in Environmental Biology - M.S.

Fisheries and Wildlife

University of Tennessee - Knoxville, TN

Department of Geography - M.S., Ph.D.



Baylor University - Waco, TX

Department of Environmental Studies - M.S., Master of Environmental Studies

Environmental Economics

Department of Biology

Rice University - Houston, TX

Department of Environmental Science and Engineering - M.S., Master of Electrical Engineering, Master of Environmental Science, Ph.D.

Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Department of Oceanography

Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

Texas Christian University- Fort Worth, TX

Environmental Sciences - M.S.

Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX

Wildlife Science (MS, PhD)

Fisheries Science (MS, PhD)

Range and Wildlife Management Program - M.S., Ph.D.



Brigham Young University – Provo, UT

Wildlife and Wildland Conservation (MS, PhD)

Department of Botany and Range Science - M.A., M.S., Ph.D

Utah State University - Logan, UT

Fisheries and Wildlife Ecology (MS)

Department of Forest Resources - M.S., Master of Forestry, Ph.D.

Department of Biology

College of Natural Resources

Department of Geography and Earth Resources



Goddard College - Plainfield, VT

Goddard Institute for Social Ecology M.A.

University of Vermont Burlington, VT

Wildlife & Fisheries Biology (MS)

Field Naturalist Program - M.S.

School of Natural Resources -M.S., Ph.D.

Environmental Law

Vermont Law School - South Royalton, VT

Environmental Law Center - Master of Studies in Law, J.D.



University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Center for Oceans Law and Policy

Master of Planning, School of Architecture - Master of Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture, Master of Architectural History, Master of Planning, Ph.D. in History of Architecture

Department of Environmental Sciences Graduate Program

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Blacksburg, VA

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife



Washington State University - Pullman, WA

Program in Environmental Science and Regional Planning - M.S., Master of Regional Planning, Ph.D.

The Evergreen State College - Olympia, WA

Program in Environmental Studies - M.A., M.B.A., Master of Environmental Science, Master of Public Administration, Masters in Teaching

Environmental Quality and Public Health, Environmental Education, Earth Science

Graduate Program in Public Administration

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Law and Marine Affairs Programme, School of Law

School of Fisheries - M.S., Ph.D. Ecology, Fisheries Management

Institute of Forest Resources

Washington State University Branch Campus - Richland, WA

Program in Environmental Science - M.S.

Western Washington University - Bellingham, Washington

Huxley College of Environmental Studies - M.S.

Political Science - M.A. in Political

Plant and Soil Science Program - M.S., Ph.D.



West Virginia University - Morgantown, WV

Division of Resource Management - M.S., Ph.D.

Division of Plant and Soil Sciences



University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI

Wildlife Ecology (MS, PhD)

Department of Agricultural Journalism - M.S., Ph.D.

Department of Forestry - M.S., Ph.D. Forestry

Institute for Environmental Studies (IES) - M.S., Ph.D.

Department of Agricultural Economics

Center for Environmental Toxicology

Department of Landscape Architecture

Department of Oceanography and Limnology

Department of Rural Sociology

Department of Soil Science

Energy Analysis and Policy Curriculum and Certificate

Law School



University of Wyoming - Laramie, WY

Department of Zoology and Physiology - M.S., Ph.D.