The Metropolitan Center for Research on
Equity and the Transformation of Schools

Are We Closing the School Discipline Gap?

Daniel Losen, Cheri Hodson, Michael A. Keith II, Katrina Morrison, and Shakti Belway Monday,February 23,2015

This report from The Center for Civil Rights Remedies analyzes discipline data at elementary and secondary schools for every district in the nation and estimates 18 million days of lost instruction in just one year.  The report highlights the individual states and districts with the most egregious discipline records. At the state level, Florida was the highest suspending state for all students at both the elementary and secondary levels. The overall national and state numbers mask the excessive suspensions and huge racial disparities in discipline practices. This report also provides companion spreadsheets enabling anyone to compare or analyze data from every district in the nation.  Further, there is a simplified web tool available that allows visitors to compare — through graphic depictions — the elementary and secondary suspension rates for any two districts. The web tool: will soon be updated with the data from this new report.