About Us


Steinhardt Technology Services (formerly Steinhardt IT) is a technology group that offers high quality technology support to the students, staff, faculty and researchers of the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. We aim to quickly resolve immediate problems while also delivering expert comprehensive long term solutions to the Steinhardt Community. We strive to empower members of Steinhardt to efficiently and effectively incorporate technology in their academic and professional work in order to significantly increase their positive impact at NYU, in the community and in the world.

Ilana Intonato

Director, Technology Services

Email: ilana.intonato@nyu.edu

Phone: 212-992-6729

Pless Annex, Room 332E

Ilana Intonato, a native New Yorker directs the Technology Services team. She is passionate about technology in education and loves to solve problems. Ilana has a Masters Degree Educational Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education. When she is not having fun with technology she spends most of her time playing with her dog, Feta and enjoying the city's food scene. She especially loves to cook and can be found at the farmers market several times a week.

Lendyll Capitulo

Manager, Information Technology Services

Email: lec321@nyu.edu

Phone: 212-998-5377

Pless Hall, Room 341A

Lendyll Capitulo graduated from New York University College of Arts and Science in 2011 and has been working full time for NYU ever since. During his undergraduate studies, Lendyll was involved with student affairs by participating in student government and residential life while working part time at the Steinhardt School as an information technology student technician. These experiences have directly shaped Lendyll’s philosophy regarding technology at NYU, particularly how technology effects student growth both in the classroom and research settings. In his free time, Lendyll enjoys playing video games, reading existential philosophy and cooking old family recipes.

Kelsey Buttendorf

Assistant Director, Academic Technology

Email: kelsey.buttendorf@nyu.edu

Phone: 212-992-6702

Pless Annex, Room 332

Kelsey Buttendorf received her Master‘s Degree in Digital Media Design for Learning from NYU Steinhardt, and has received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Anthropology from Quinnipiac University. Her experience as a teacher prompted her to recognize the lack of a technology enhanced education in early education classrooms, which peaked her initial interest in educational technology. She is specifically interested in the generational adoption of a digital literacy and a digital citizenship curriculum from PK through Higher Ed; where the unified goals are to create a college-ready student and a career-ready graduate. Kelsey’s interests include (but are not limited to) Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Claire Menegus

Senior Academic Technologist

Email: cm3884@nyu.edu

Phone: 212-992-6865

Pless Annex, Room 332

Claire Menegus is a Senior Academic Technologist with a passion for UX Design, neuroscience, and education. She received her M.A. in Digital Media Design for Learning at Steinhardt while working as a UX Designer and Project Manager for Steinhardt Technology Services, and later as a Student Academic Technologist. Following her graduation, Claire worked as an Experience Designer at children's video game company Toca Boca. Prior to joining the NYU community, she ran Communications for a DC private school, where she first fell in love with Educational Technology designing tech tools for students with diverse learning needs. In her free time, Claire loves to eat burritos, hike, and practice her computer programming skills.

Kenny Mai

Information Systems Support and Administrator

Email: kmt328@nyu.edu

Phone: N/A

Pless Annex, Room 341

Kenny Mai graduated from New York University Tandon School of Engineering in 2015. During his time at NYU, he worked for Steinhardt IT as a student worker. After graduating, he worked at the Durst Organization for a year before returning to Steinhardt as a systems administrator. He hopes to take the skills and philosophy of working in a corporate environment and apply them to Steinhardt systems. Kenny is an avid practitioner of western martial arts, and enjoys playing video games with his friends and reading sci-fi/fantasy novels.

Raymond Pfaff

Senior Audio Visual Technologist

Email: raymond.pfaff@nyu.edu

Phone: 212-998-5796

Pless Annex, Room 341

Raymond Pfaff is an Instructional Technologist on our academic technology team. Ray's focus is in Classroom Technology and Audio Visual Equipment. He previously worked as a Supervisor of Academic Technology at the New School. He is also a freelance graphic designer and is the Head of Digital Creation for a start-up publishing company called Ascalon Press. Ray graduated from the Macaulay Honors College, CUNY, with a dual degree in Corporate Communication and Digital Design and received his MA from the New School in Media Studies. In his free time, Ray is an avid hockey player and is also restoring a 1978 Pontiac Trans AM. His goal is to eventually drive it across the country.

Lucas Suarez-Orozco

Administrative Aide

Pless Annex, Room 341

Lucas Suarez-Orozco works as a Senior Student Tech at Steinhardt Technology Services. Lucas is studying Computer Science at Hunter College. He enjoys comic books, video games and walking his dog, Lando Calrissian.

Michael Thomas

Audio Visual Technician

Pless Annex, Room 341

Michael is a Technologist with Steinhardt Technology Services. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. At a young age, technology gradually became a passion for Michael. That passion led him to St. Francis College to obtain his bachelor's degree in Information Technology. Eventually, he would like to earn various certifications in the technology field, but in the meanwhile he will continue to enjoy his free time bowling, working on short media projects, random road trips, and possibly getting back into video games.

Emma Hutchinson

Assistant Director, Administrative Technology

Pless Annex, Room 332

Emma has been a member of the NYU community as both student and staff (5 schools and counting!) since before she was old enough to vote. Her professional passion is using technology to improve processes, especially in order to empower organizations to more effectively implement their missions. She recently honed these skills while receiving her Masters of Public Administration at NYU Wagner, and looks forward to applying them across administrative technology projects at Steinhardt. In her spare time, Emma enjoys finding cheap tickets for Broadway shows, watching the Washington Area Football Team attempt to win, and talking to strangers' dogs on the street.

Jonathan Williams

Academic Technologist

Email: jonathan.w.williams@nyu.edu

Pless Annex, Room 332

Jonathan Williams is an Academic Technologist within the Academic Technology services team. Jonathan is passionate about solving complex educational challenges using both design-led and data-driven approaches. Previously, Jonathan developed data education courses at Harvard Business School and General Assembly. Jonathan holds a BS in Mathematics from Wake Forest University and a MS in Strategic Design and Management from Parsons School of Design. In his free time, Jonathan can be found searching for New York City’s best bagel or pondering a piece of contemporary art.

Siobhan Wilmot-Dunbar

Academic Technologist 

Email: siobhan.wilmotdunbar@nyu.edu

Pless Annex, Room 332

Siobhan Wilmot-Dunbar is an Academic Technologist within NYU Steinhardt's Academic Technology team. She earned her BA in Computer Science with a minor in Digital Design from Pace University, and is in the process of earning her MSEd in Educational Technology from Pace. Though she hasn't really developed a love for coding, Siobhan is passionate about technology's implementations, teaching others, and being creative, and she is most excited about utilizing technology to enhance the overall educational experience through creative design and innovative approaches. Siobhan's interests/hobbies include playing musical instruments, DIY & crafting, photography, murder-mysteries, and Tumblr.

Student Technicians

Kevin Zhao

Senior Student Technician

Pless Annex, Room 341

Kevin Zhao is a Senior Student Technician at Steinhardt Technology Services. He has been working at Steinhardt for a year, helping faculty, staff, and researchers and their desktop problems. An important part of being a core student technician is mentoring and training other student techs. Kevin grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to New York three years ago. In his free time, he likes to play competitive video games and watch cheesy horror movies.

Natalia Rodriguez

Senior Student Technician

Pless Annex, Room 341

Natalia Rodriguez is a senior student technician at Steinhardt Technology Services. She is a senior majoring in Business Technology Management at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Inthefuturesheaspires to be a technology writer and work in the financial industry as an analyst. For now, she enjoys photography and finding new restaurants around the city. XO for life.

Chao Chen

Student Technician

Pless Annex, Room 341

Chao Chen works as a Student technician on our information technology team. His interest in Mathematics and Analytics inspired him to pursue a Finance major at Baruch College. When he's free, Chao likes to longboard all around New York City.

Marina Siu Chong

Student Technician

Pless Annex, Room 341

Marina Siu Chong is currently an IT Assistant at Steinhardt Technology Services, and an undergraduate student majoring in Finance and minoring in Computer Science at New York University. At IT, Marina performs tasks such as setting up computers, running software updates, adding printers to faculty computers, and others. Marina is originally fromHongKong,butlived in Shanghai, China for most of her life. Her hobbies outside of work include creating and watching films, playing soccer, and watching Broadway shows (her favorite so far is A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime).

Abdulrahman Abdalla

Student Audio Visual Technician

Pless Annex, Room 341

Abdulrahman Abdalla is an AV Student Technician at Steinhart Technology Services. He is currently a senior studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. He has always had an interest in Chemistry and Mathematics, and wishes to further this passion into the Energy and Power industry. Abdulrahman was born in Sudan but grew up in Italy and Egypt, before he came to NYU. He loves to cook and has been since the age of 14. He also enjoys producing Hip-Hop and R&B music in his free time. 

Derek Mizell

Student Audio Visual Technician

Pless Annex, Room 341

Derek Mizell is a student AV technician at Steinhardt IT. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he is an undergraduate senior studying Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering at NYU Tandon. His passions include music, politics, and biking.

East Li

Student Audio Visual Technician

Pless Annex, Room 341

EastLi is a junior AV Student Technologist within the department. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Finance and Accounting and hopes to complete a minor in the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. Born in Philadelphia, East spent his life between international school in Beijing and boarding school in Massachusetts, where he quickly discovered a love of business, technology, and entrepreneurship. When he’s not exploring a new coffee shop in the city, you can often find East in the dance studio practicing with other Synchronic members. Otherwise, try looking for him in a rundown theatre in Tribeca, where he’s checking out the newest short films.

Mike Zhang

Student Audio Visual Technician

Pless Annex, Room 341

Mike is an AV Student Technologist and a junior at Stern studying Finance and Management. He grew up in Colorado and came to New York in order to pursue business and tech. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, finding new places to eat in New York, and watching movies.

Sai Singireddy

Student Audio Visual Technician

Pless Annex, Room 341

Saikrishna, more commonly known as Sai, is currently an AV Student Technologist, and a rising junior at NYU Stern majoring in Finance and Statistics. He was born inCalifornia,but spent most of his life in Dallas, Texas. Growing up in a time of constant technological innovation, Sai quickly became fascinated with everything tech related. Pursuing this passion in tech along with his affinity for business, Sai would like to eventually work in atech focusedventure capital or private equity firm. His interests outside of work include playing basketball, cello, baking, FPS games, cars, and petting all dogs in his line of sight.

Angela Yu

Graphic Designer/Customer Service

Pless Annex, Room 332

Angela is a Junior at Gallatin with a concentration in neuroesthetics and animation. She assists the Steinhardt faculty and students with their academic technology needs and also creates motion graphics for Steinhardt Technology services. Her current passion project is an indie game that incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy to guide people through their maladaptive thoughts. You can spot her in the wild waving at every dog she passes.