Undergraduate Advisement

Undergraduate Advisers

Marni Vassallo
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Advising and Student Services
E-mail: marni.vassallo@nyu.edu
Phone: 1-(212)-998-5891

Teress Nugent
Senior Student Adviser
E-mail: teress@nyu.edu
Phone: 1-(212)-998-5483


Students will be assigned their undergraduate adviser upon matriculation into Teaching & Learning. Advisers act as guides and assist students, but monitoring degree progress and seeking advisement is always the responsibility of the student.

Primary Adviser Meetings: Students may make an appointment with their primary adviser to discuss their program of study or to solve complex registration issues. Primary advising meetings are also appropriate for discussing possible minors and/or double majors, career goals, study away options, and personal issues that may arise. Students wanting to make a primary adviser appointment should use their adviser's individual Google calendars (links in the sidebar).

Transfer students: Students interested in transferring into Teaching & Learning should contact Marni Vassallo for more information.

Academic Policies


It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of all registration deadlines. Registration deadlines are posted on the University Registrar’s academic calendar.

Pass/Fail Option

Undergraduate students can only pass/fail Liberal Arts Electives or CORE-UA courses not being used to fulfill a content area*. Students are not permitted to pass/fail more than one course per semester and cannot pass/fail more than 16-20 credits total (depending on program of study).

Students must see their academic adviser to discuss this option and to fill out the necessary Steinhardt Pass/Fail form. The form must be returned to the Steinhardt Registrar before the ninth week of the semester (5th class meeting during summer session).

*See your adviser for specific limitations to CORE-UA classes by program. Students may petition for an exception but only under extreme circumstances will this be granted.

Off-Campus Course Petition

As a student enrolled in a degree program at New York University, you are expected to take your courses, including summer sessions, at New York University. Under special circumstances and when in good academic standing, you may receive approval to study off-campus. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis, and these exceptions must be approved in advance. You must complete your final 32 credits at New York University.

Off-Campus Courses must be:
passed with a grade of C or better
taken at a United States four-year college or university with regional accreditation
may not be taken as Pass/Fail
will not be computed in your GPA
Course description(s) must be attached to the Off-Campus Course Petition Form
Course(s) must be degree-bearing courses measured in semester-hour credits
Documentation is required to support that course credits are semester-hour credits

In order to complete the request to take a course off-campus, students must meet with their adviser and complete the Off-Campus Course Petition form. If the petition is approved, upon completion of the non-NYU course(s), students must send an official transcript to:

Steinhardt Student Affairs
82 Washington Square East
Pless Hall, 2nd Floor
New York, New York 10003

The official transcript will be evaluated for transfer credit toward graduation requirements.


Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from the University

Students who need to break their attendance for one or more semesters, or students who wish to withdraw completely from the University, should make an appointment with their adviser. It is helpful to have the Leave of Absence/Exit Interview form printed and filled out prior to meeting with your adviser.

Important Teaching & Learning Forms

 Registration Clearance Worksheet Students should complete this worksheet with a proposed schedule each semester and bring it to the registration clearance appointment. 

Teaching & Learning Change of Major Students must use this form to change their major within the Department of Teaching & Learning (link to PDF form)

Additional Forms Steinhardt specific forms