Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Post-Baccalaureate Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Non-Certification

Teaching methods for a wide range of learners

Teach English to speakers of other languages – anywhere in the world. In this 15-credit post-baccalaureate advanced certificate program, you’ll study English language structure and applied linguistics, get hands-on experience through an internship at NYU’s American Language Institute, and acquire pedagogical methods to teach learners from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. You will be prepared to teach English to speakers of other languages in US independent and language schools and adult programs, as well as internationally at all levels.

This advanced certificate does not lead to state teaching certification, but credits earned in the program can be transferred into the MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Grades K-12, Initial Certification.

What you'll learn
  • Second language teaching approaches that can be adjusted to suit the needs of different learner populations from diverse linguistic, educational, and ethnic backgrounds
  • The structure of American English
  • The second language classroom 
  • Language evaluation and assessment

See the curriculum and degree requirements for this program.

How you'll learn

An Integration of Theory and Practice
Based on communicative methods of second language acquisition and a reflective model of teaching, this 15-credit advanced certificate in TESOL consists of five courses and an internship. You’ll develop a foundation in English language and applied linguistics, as well as a mastery of language teaching approaches, methods, and techniques.

Semester-Long Internship
As part of your studies, you’ll complete a semester-long internship at NYU’s American Language Institute (if you already have teaching experience, you can take an additional elective course in place of the internship). This is a great opportunity to integrate theory, practice, and subject content.

Flexible Program of Study
Courses are offered throughout the Fall and Spring semester, and selective electives are available in Summer. You can choose to complete the program in two or more semesters, depending on if you are studying full or part time.

Prepare for a career as a
  • Teacher of English to as a second or foreign language for students at all levels, working internationally
  • Teacher of English to speakers of other languages at independent and language schools and adult programs in the US
  • Researcher, trainer, or program coordinator working with immigrant populations in the US 
For more information about this post-baccalaureate advanced certificate program, please contact

Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth