Social Studies Education

BS in Teaching Social Studies, Grades 7-12, Initial Certification Program of Study

The BS in Teaching Social Studies combines a full range of liberal arts core courses with intensive study in history, social studies, and pedagogy.

To complete this program, you must take 128 points (or credits) of coursework. Your program of study consists of 48 points of liberal arts courses, including 36 points of the required College Core Curriculum; and an additional 80 points of coursework, including 38 points of core content (you will take three courses in your area of specialization – US, European, or Non-Western history), and 42 points of pedagogical core courses. You will complete two semesters of student teaching social studies in middle and secondary schools.

See the full program of study for this degree.

Teaching and Learning majors matriculating at NYU in Fall 2014 or later are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in order to make satisfactory academic progress.

While we review all applications individually and holistically, our expectation is that all undergraduate students accepted for transfer into any of the teacher education programs at NYU Steinhardt will have at least a cumulative B average in their coursework.

Updated September 2017