Bilingual, Foreign Language, and TESOL

Multilingual Multicultural Studies (MMS) is a unit in NYU Steinhardt's Department of Teaching and Learning in which students can earn a degree in one or more of three areas - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Foreign Language Education, and Bilingual Education - with or without New York State teaching certification.


  • We take an expansive and dynamic view of language as a meaning-making system that varies and changes based on sociocultural and psycholinguistic factors.
  • We are committed to engaging the diversity within and among languages and cultures, as well as the multilingual practices among language learners as resources for learning.
  • We cultivate a global perspective and offer students the opportunity to directly experience languages, cultures, teaching, and learning in settings across the world.
  • We prepare educators to critically engage with the contextual nature of language teaching in diverse settings within and beyond schools.