DCLT Events and Presentations - Fall 2008

Developing Chinese Language Teachers

DCLT Events and Presentations - Fall 2008

DCLT members Frank Tang and Robin Harvey presented at the ACTFL Conference in Orlando, FL, from November 21 - 23. It was wonderful to see the large number of Chinese teachers from all over the US participating in this educational event, as well as the growing volume of textbooks, computer programs, and other Chinese teaching materials available! Their presentation, "Breaking the Bottleneck in Vocabulary Learning in Chinese" was made jointly with Wenchao He of West Point Military Academy and Xiaoxiao Jiao of NYU.

On Thursday, Nov 20, Professor Zhang Jianmin of East China Normal University shared his extensive knowledge and ideas for using technology in teaching Chinese in an enthusiastically received lecture at NYU. View pictures of "Technology in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language".

Election Day Professional Development, organized by the NYS ALBETAC and Project DCLT, was held Tuesday, November 4, with approximately 55 in- and pre-service teachers enthusiastically participating. Susan Yin Rui and Naomi Zhang of Roosevelt School District showed us how to incorporate SOPA assessments into our Mandarin programs, while Leon Chen or the NY Service Center discussed the HSK and YCT assessments. DCLT's Robin Harvey got everyone up and moving with a TPR chant and then presented on Project-Based Learning. A guided walking tour explored the history (and hidden tunnels!) of Chinatown. See pictures and video .

On Monday, November 2, DCLT and NYU's Professor Leona Marsh presented a talk by Mr. Li Yan, Principal of the High School for Dual Language and Asian Studies of the New York City Department of Education. The topic of this well-attended lecture was "Chinese-English Dual Language Programs in NYC."

DCLT members Robin Harvey and Lishu Chen and the ECNU students attended Chinese language forums at the annual NYSAFLT Conference on October 25. All were inspired by presentations by experienced Chinese Language Teachers, including Professor Joyce Zhang's talk on incorporating Chinese culture into the language classroom (see photo).

DCLT Forum on AP Standards and Themes, October 3, 2008: Our first forum of the 2008-09 school year was a great success! More than 40 teachers and prospective teachers -- our largest group to date -- eagerly exchanged ideas during and following Pat Lo's lively and informative presentation on the new AP Standards and Themes. We learned that these themes and standards can be incorporated into every level of Chinese we teach, and gained an understanding of how the 5 "C's" can be put into use in the classroom. See pictures!

DCLT member Robin Harvey helped organize and presented at the Westchester Conference on Chinese on Friday, September 26 at Ardsley Middle School. Approximately 20 schools and school districts were represented at the conference, which was designed to assist Westchester schools interested in establishing Chinese programs.