Projects From Wu Ying -- 我的梦想

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Projects From Wu Ying -- 我的梦想

Wu Ying is one of four teachers of Mandarin at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School. 

She writes:

My name is Ying Wu. I am teaching 8th-grade Chinese and 10th-grade Intensive Chinese at Ethical Culture Fieldston School. This presentation displayed the song-writing project I did with my 8th graders. The purpose of this project was to expose students to the Chinese culture and reinforce their language skills. Students finished a unit on shopping before this. The song 我想去桂林 was selected not only because of its music and content but also because it includes the vocabulary and the language structure students just learned. Students were enthusiastic about this project. They videotaped their songs and showed them to the class, and the teacher made their lyrics into a Powerpoint. 
This project went well overall. One thing that can be improved is that the teacher can check students' drafts of their lyrics to ensure accuracy.




Project DCLT and ALBETAC Monthly Forum: Real Projects from Real Classrooms. Project: (Ying Brenda Wu, ECFS) from NYU Steinhardt on Vimeo.

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