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Sinovision Interviews

Dec 29, 2014: Check out this video that talks about the popular Two-way Immersion technique and its benefits from Sinovision. Prof. Robin Harvey, Director of DCLT, and Dr. Frank Tang, Co-Director, were both featured in this video!

Jan 17, 2013: This Sinovision interview features Dr. Tang, Co-Director of DCLT, talks about his experience of learning English, and shares challenges facing international students in oral English.

May 3 - 4, 2014: The 12th New York International Conference on Teaching Chinese was held at NYU. Dr. Frank Tang was the honorary chair. Prof. Robin Harvey from NYU Steinhardt and Dr. Cheng Aimin from Nanjing University were the conference co-chair. View the conference details.

December 6, 2013: In this video, Dr. Luiyi Lien, Academic Director from Yinghua Academy, talks about the curriculum design process that guides the instruction in the daily classrooms. The workshop is a part of the CLTA-GNY professional development webinar.

May 12, 2012CLTA-GNY annual conference was held at Hunter College, City University of New York, NY. Dr. Frank Tang, the Co-Director of Multilingual Multicultural Studies; Professor of TESOL, Bilingual Education, and Foreign Language Education, and Project Director of the Project for Developing Chinese Language Teachers (DCLT), was presented with an award by CLTA-GNY for “Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Chinese Language Teaching.”

March 31, 2012: Prof. Robin Harvey gave a lecture titled "On the Way to Literacy: Teaching Chinese Using Big Books and Storytelling" on March 31, 2012. The workshop is a part of CLTA-GNY 2012 Spring Professional Development Series.

May 14, 2011: CLTA-GNY annual conference was held at Lucy Stone Hall of Rutgers University in New Jersey. In the morning session, Prof. Robin Harvey made a presentation "Songs and Chants in the Foreign Language Classroom"  together with master teacher Pauline Huang from St. Hilda and St. Hugh's School. 

In the afternoon session, Dr. Frank Tang, Director of the Project for Developing Chinese Language Teachers (DCLT), led a panel of Robin Harvey, Coordinator of the DCLT, and two NYU graduates, Zijie Hu and Chang Qian. They talked about teaching Chinese literacy and how to use technology to facilitate literacy development.

NY Chinese Characters Festival at NYU

Oct 6 - Nov 3, 2013: The NY Chinese Characters Festival, co-sponsored by ChineseCubes and NYU, provided an exciting and engaging cultural experience and language-learning event for the more than 200 students who participated in the Festival's competitions and activities. The newsletter of the Closing Ceremony features winners and photos of this exciting event.

National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC)

Apr 7 - 9, 2013: DCLT's Dr. Frank Tang, Robin Harvey, and program graduates Bing Qiu (Bronx Science High School) and Xuan Wang (Sidwell Friends School), made the presentation "Storytelling and Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom" at the 2013 National Chinese Language Conference in Boston on April 7.  See more information about DCLT at the 2013 National Chinese Language Conference.

NYU-ECNU Research Symposium

December 7 - 9, 2012: This very successful forum was a joint effort to celebrate six years of collaborative efforts between NYU, ECNU, Hanban, and the Freeman Foundation. This collaboration between an American university and a Chinese university in developing Chinese language teachers for American schools reflected on the joint pre-service Chinese language teacher preparation model and teaching in American K-16 schools. 

Dr. Frank Tang Gives a Series of Lectures in Beijing

Mar 9 - 14, 2012: Dr. Frank Tang was invited to give a five-lecture series to faculty and graduate students at Chinese Minzu University in Beijing. The lecture topics included: brain research and the teaching of foreign languages; humanistic approaches to teaching second/foreign languages; Teaching Chinese in American schools: Challenges and Strategies; the importance of practice in foreign language learning; and Lesson Study: A review of Several Chinese Lessons. See some pictures from the lectures.