The American Chinese Classroom: New Teachers Present

Developing Chinese Language Teachers

The American Chinese Classroom: New Teachers Present

September 20, 2013

New teachers speak about their experiences joining their new schools. Teachers from a variety of program types - high school, middle school, elementary school, and dual language elementary school programs - presented to approximately 60 participants at DCLT's first Friday night forum of Fall 2013.

New Teachers' Presentations

Xin Dai of Little Red School House and Elizabeth Irwin High School tells us about his preparation when heading into interviews, his class schedule, and the unique characteristics of LREI.


Yuezhou Jin of Our World Neighborhood Charter School shares her experiences about the job hunt, classroom management, and reminds you to call the parents.



Janet Kang Liu of P.S. 310 in Brooklyn tells us about her school, the departmentalized model, and her first two weeks.



Qianyun Wang of The Ross School in Long Island shows us how to handle the job-hunting process, her Mandarin corner, and designing a unique curriculum.



Huichen Yu of The Dual Language High School for Asian Studies takes us inside her school, shows us how she interacts with her students, and gives us a few tips on how to handle the first few weeks.