Rock That Movie Night and Special Presentation

Developing Chinese Language Teachers

Rock That Movie Night and Special Presentation "Culture in the Classroom"

April 19, 2013


An American Story: Learning Chinese in 20 Days

In this presentation, Xi Sun and Dr. Daniel Stein from NYU:


Daniel Stein Talk 1 by DCLT_NYU

Daniel Stein Talk 2 by DCLT_NYU


East Meets West: Teaching Chinese Culture

In this presentation, Dr. Frank Tang touched on what he defines as culture, and explained how it is experienced every day. He also revealed the results from last forum's pop culture quiz. Yun Qin from Asia Society presented an overview of the recent NCLC National Chinese Language Conference in Boston.

Teaching of culture 4 19_forum from Chinese Teachers


DCLT 0419 from Chinese Teachers



East Meets West Teaching Chinese Culture 2 by DCLT_NYU

East Meets West: A Musical Illustration

In this presentation, Xueyang Gong from Grace Church School and Minyi Zhu from NYU performed a beautiful piece with a violin and a 古箏 (guzheng), a traditional Chinese musical instrument.


Musical Performance by DCLT_NYU


After musical performance talk part 2 by DCLT_NYU