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New York State Standardized Exams (Checkpoint A and Checkpoint B)

Middle schools and high schools in New York State administer Languages Other Than English (LOTE) exams every year in June, setting the benchmarks for foreign language learning. Students in 8th grade passing the Checkpoint A exam will be awarded one year of high school credit. Students who pass the Checkpoint B exam in high school will not only earn high school foreign language credits, but also meet the language requirement to earn a more prestigious "Regents Diploma."

Checkpoint B Exam

Currently, New York State does not offer these exams for the Chinese language. It does, however, give school districts the choice of making up a local exam equivalent to the LOTE exams, provided that the exam follows the same guidelines as the existing state LOTE exams. NYC follows this policy and writes its own LOTE "Regents-like" (Checkpoint B) exam in various languages, including Chinese. High schools in NYC should pay attention to the DOE assessment news regarding when and how to order the Checkpoint B "Comprehensive Examination" in Chinese.

Checkpoint A - The Secondary Language Proficiency (SLP) Exam: Collaboration Among Districts

New York State does not offer this exam in Chinese either. Many districts outside of NYC that offer Chinese language programs are concerned with this middle school test. A process has been set up recently to facilitate collaboration among districts with this need. Each district will contribute several test items which follow state guidelines and will in turn be eligible to receive test items from other participating districts. The goal is to have test items for all sections of the test ready in April so districts can put together their own SLP test. For more information, contact New York State Asian Languages Bilingual/ESL Technical Assistance Center at  

The NYS ALBETAC  and NYU's Project DCLT presented a full-day workshop on Standardized Assessments -- the AP Exam, Checkpoint B (Regents like) and Checkpoint A -- on November 3, 2009.  Following are presentations and documents from the event, as well as other resources.

Understanding the Standardized Assessments
Presenters in this video: Pat Lo, Director, NYU Project DCLT; Li Yan, Principal of High School of Dual Language and Asian Studies; Henry Ruan, Teacher, Chinese AP Exam Reader


Master Chinese Teacher Xu Li gives an overview of the Second Language Proficiency Test (SLP).

Checkpoint B (Regents-Like)


Checkpoint A (8th grade)

Linking the LOTE Standards to the Curriculum

Master Chinese Teachers Danmei Wu, of Medgar Evers Prep, and Linda Xuan of Long Island City High School, discuss their work with students here.


Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese: Resources

The College Board provides comprehensive course descriptions, sample syllabi, and sample test items for the AP Exams. Start learning about the AP here.

 Chinese Language and Culture AP Exam
An overview.

Chinese Language and Culture Course Description
Complete course and exam information is available in the Course Description.

AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam Overview
Preview the question types and direction screens students will see on exam day.

Sample Syllabi: AP Chinese Language and Culture

Syllabus 1                                        Syllabus 2
Syllabus 3                                        Syllabus 4