Computer Science Education

Computer Science Education Graduate Courses

Become a leader in technology education. Our undergraduate minor and graduate-level Computer Science Education courses prepare current and future teachers and other education professionals to address an urgent need in New York City and across the country. You’ll learn to develop computer science skills and computational thinking in children and adolescents, expanding their career opportunities and leveling the playing field for social good. In the process, you’ll diversify your perspective on learning and broaden your marketable expertise.

What you’ll learn

Our Computer Science Education coursework offers you an exceptional professional opportunity. You’ll develop:

  • Instantly applicable skills including programming, software engineering, computational thinking, and design thinking
  • Tools for designing equitable computer science learning to address a spectrum of needs
  • The knowledge to make informed curricular choices, develop effective instructional design choices, and engage in rigorous pedagogical practices
  • The flexibility to teach computer science–focused courses and integrate computational thinking into other disciplines
  • A rich background in learning theories and instructional approaches
Prepare for your career as a
  • Computer science educator for children and youth in schools
  • Museum, community center, or other out-of-school-time educator
  • Curriculum developer
Graduate Sequence

Students in graduate programs across NYU are eligible to enroll in Computer Science Education courses. Four courses are offered in the sequence; these courses may be taken as electives or as part of program requirements, depending on your program. Please contact your adviser to discuss how this coursework will best fit your curriculum.

You must have fulfilled prerequisites to take these courses.

MTHED-GE.2080: Teaching of Computer Science
MTHED-GE.2110: Introduction to Computer Science Education
MTHED-GE.2079: Principles and Practices of Computer Science Education
MTHED-GE.2185: Advanced Topics in Computer Science Education

For more information about these courses, please contact

Jasmine Y. Ma
Assistant Professor
Mathematics Education
239 East Building, 4th Floor