Student Affairs

Distinguished Teaching Award 2014-2015

The NYU Office of Faculty Resources recently announced that nominations are being accepted for the 2014-2015 Distinguished Teaching Award (DTA). The DTA highlights NYU's commitment to teaching excellence and is given annually to outstanding members of the faculty.

Since the award was established in 1987, 10 faculty members from NYU Steinhardt have received this honor in recognition of their cutting-edge research, exceptional teaching, and dedicated advisement to students within and outside the classroom. With three of our faculty receiving this award in the past five years, we want to continue this momentum of recognizing our world renowned faculty. Nominations can be emailed to Steinhardt Teaching Awards Committee at

To ensure that all nominated faculty have a compelling rationale for the committee to consider as part of their deliberations, please frame your nomination based on the following criteria and include any examples as appropriate (no supplementary materials, such as course evaluations, are needed to nominate):

--A record of outstanding teaching effectiveness both within and outside the classroom

--The ability to inspire, promote, and sustain the intellectual development of students

--A pedagogical approach that is innovative, intellectually rigorous, creative, and engaging

--Demonstrated scholarly/professional contributions and their integration into the classroom that foster critical thinking and challenge students to independent inquiry

--Advising/mentoring of undergraduate or graduate students or doctoral and clinical supervision-interactions outside of the classroom and the quality of such interactions

--Contributions to developing or enhancing curricula in the field

Students, faculty, and alumni are invited to submit nominations to before November 17, 2014.  On behalf of the committee, thank you for your efforts to recognize our faculty.


Offiong Aqua
Clinical Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
Chair, NYU Steinhardt Teaching Awards Committee