Nickolaus Typaldos


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I think it was Amy Sedaris' character Jerry Blank from the TV show Strangers with Candy who said, "It's funny 'cause it's sad". It's a quote that really resonates with me and relates to my sensibility. It is a modified version of the common expression, "its funny because its true" which also reminds me of the phrase, "sad but true". I am especially interested in how the idea of truth or what is real or actual, the melancholic and the humorous can come together into a singular experience. I work with photography, video, print and installation to create work that, among other things, concerns the habits and rituals we create in order to identify ourselves to ourselves and others. Combining absurd humor with sincerity and cliches I try to create a dialogue regarding the construction of identity, the effort to create meaning in our lives, human existence and desire.