Eun Jin Kim


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I try to create a kind of fictitious narrative by combining personal imagination with external elements. The symbolic, representational objects come from a mixture of experience, intuition and observation from daily life. They become mutated, combined and distorted while in the process of painting. They grow and change by themselves and take a life of their own in a world without constraints. They are, in fact, narratives of our own lives. I try and deal with serious things with a upfront and humorous approach through my painting. My use of language is connected with the language of abnormality. This is displayed on the layers of the unconscious through automatism in detail to create the bigger scheme in the fantasy. I like the word 'random'. I meet random people and go random places and do something random in my art world. That's basically how I begin the story. After, I realize that it wasn't quite random, there were hidden meanings, a hidden energy waiting to unveil itself.