Jeremy Olson


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1. Utopias and their Dystopias, the slippage between the two. Nostalgia for naïve visions of the future; Epcot Center, Tomorrowland. Stories for children.

2. Suspicious of geometry, its allure and claims to purity. Wary of notions of perfection or perfectibility, the perfect the enemy of the good, the excuse for anything.

3. Problems with faces. The almost someone you know. The jolt of misrecognition. Identity construction and consumption, tied inextricably. Fragmentation in the image-scape. Facebook.

4. The home, the foundation and enclosure. The base camp. The place for dreams and stability, grounding and retreat. Also the space where the uncanny arrives, the darkened corners, hallways made unfamiliar in the night.

5. Fear of falling. Fear of being crushed. Fear of something too big, or too small to locate. Fear of something far too loud. Fear of total quiet. Fear of everything all at once. Fear of a nothing place, a void.