Opportunity Knocks… Are you listening?

Angela Ellis-Jones, Student Services Counselor
As a Student Services Counselor, working with the NYU Opportunity Programs has proven to be a very rewarding experience for me and my students. Where would millions of underrepresented and low-income high school students be without higher education access programs offering a place to declare their goals, receive support and guidance, in turn, improving their quality of life? The NYU Opportunity Programs consist of the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP), The Science and Technology Program (STEP) and the Building Excellence in Science and Technology (BEST).

Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) is designed to assist students who are residents of New York State who are academically and educationally disadvantaged. Students in the program receive supportive services including counseling and tutoring to help ensure their success and must meet academic and family income guidelines to be eligible, and must attend a six-week summer program prior to the start of their freshman year.

Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)
CSTEP is a NYU program for New York State residents underrepresented in business, law, science, and health-related programs.
Middle School and High School Program
The Science and Technology Program (STEP) and the Building Excellence in Science and Technology (BEST)* program at New York University (NYU) is an innovative pre-college enrichment program for talented and motivated middle and high school students in New York City.  Our goal is to (1) prepare our students to be competitive so that they are accepted into a selective college of their choice and (2) encourage and increase the number of historically under-represented minority groups in the science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) careers, health-related fields and licensed professions.

Across New York State, students are taking control of their lives using the opportunities around them and turning their dreams into reality. I am proud to be a part of their process.

How are YOU taking advantage of the opportunities in your life? Would you recognize an opportunity, if it stared you in the face?

Here at New York University, there are opportunities ALL around you:

For professional growth – Wasserman Center for Career Development
To serve humanity – Center for Student Activities, Leadership and Service
To expand knowledge – University Learning Center/Academic Resource Center
For spiritual growth – Center for Global and Spiritual Life

Use these opportunities to grow, learn, and influence positive change. Use them to be the change you wish to see in the world. Today, grasp ALL the opportunities that can improve your world.


Grad Students: Doing Research @ Bobst Over the Summer?

Congrats on finishing up the Spring term! Don’t forget that NYU Libraries are here to support your research needs throughout the summer. Take advantage of our grad spaces at Bobst Library during the summer months: http://nyu.libguides.com/spaces …and feel free to use our Ask a Librarian service if you need assistance with library resources or research questions at any time: http://library.nyu.edu/ask/

Keep an eye out for our fall instructional offerings, which will be publicized in August. In the meantime, have a great summer!
–NYU Libraries Graduate Student Working Group

Office of Advisement and Registration Emails

David Zapotocky, Director of Advisement & Registration Services

Meeting university deadlines for registration are important, particularly at the graduate level, since this often may translate into money.  Missing a deadline for registration may result in a $50 late registration fee or interest charges for tuition not yet paid or in the worst case scenario paying for a course you have dropped too late (after the second week of the term).  So it is important that when the Office of Advisement & Registration Services sends you emails they should be read as it is here that these deadlines will appear. It is also important to review before each semester begins the University Registration calendar which can be accessed at:


The Office of Advisement & Registration Services is here to help you meet these deadlines by providing you, through email or at orientation, the information you need in order to successfully complete your registration and payments by the deadlines. We provide as much information as possible through the Office of Student Affairs website: http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/studentaffairs/

But we may not have all the answers, as many of the deadlines are established by the University through the Registrar (http://www.nyu.edu/registrar/) and Bursar (http://www.nyu.edu/bursar/) so make sure you also visit those websites.

Meeting deadlines helps reduce the hassle and worry of registration and payment. So keep yourself informed of deadlines, look out for deadline information, and seek answers through either the University Student Services Office at 25 W. 4th Street, First Floor, or Steinhardt Advisement & Registration Services at 82 Washington Square East (Pless Hall), Second Floor.


Do I Need to Be Involved with a Professional Organization?

By Jacqueline McPhillips, Director, Community College Transfer Opportunity Program

Nearly every profession or interest area has a national, state or regional organization to join.  These organizations typically encourage professional development and networking.  Making connections with other colleagues in your profession is important at all stages of your career. Whether you are just starting out or getting ready to retire, there is always someone to lend a hand and something to learn.

Getting involved with professional organizations is not merely a space filler for your résumé.   Creating professional relationships is important; these types of groups allow you to become acquainted with others in your field that may do similar work to yours at a different institution.  This is a great way to learn ‘best practices’ and discuss new ideas.  If you are new to your field, this could be a great place to meet a potential mentor.  Perhaps one of the most motivating types of networking achieved through a professional organization is the ability to take advantage of career resources.  Often there will be a system of identifying new opportunities for members, as well as connecting with others who might know of open positions that you may not otherwise have heard.

So you may be wondering how to start the process of getting professionally involved? Research! First identify the organizations that professionals in your field typically join. Depending on where you plan to take your career there are plenty of organizations that might be of interest to you. For example, in my field, higher education, there are organizations which apply specifically to those who work with community colleges and others which are geared toward those in any aspect of academic advisement. The important thing is to find the groups that are most pertain to you and your goals. Many organizations provide student membership options. It’s never too early to get involved!


Tea at 3 – Monday, May 12

Swing by the 3rd floor lounge of Pless for a last-day-of-classes study break! Tea, coffee, and treats will be provided.

Date: Monday, May 12
Time: Come by between 3-4 PM
Location: 3rd Floor Lounge in Pless Hall, 82 Washington Square East

Sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs.

Competitive Professional Development Reimbursement Fund-

The Competitive Professional Development Reimbursement Fund is a way for Steinhardt students to expand their academic, professional development and research endeavors. The fund can be used to cover conference/workshop fees, travel and accommodation expenses and presentation supplies.  Deadline to receive a reimbursement is Friday, May 2nd. For details and how to apply, please click here.

Let’s Talk International: Global Trivia Challenge

How well do you know the 70+ countries represented by the Steinhardt student body? Test your knowledge, learn something new, and enjoy free lunch at Let’s Talk International: Global Trivia Challenge.

Prizes awarded to the winners. Sign up today!

Date: Tuesday, May 6
Time: 12pm – 1:30pm
Details: Click here to register and learn more. Lunch is provided. Space is limited.

Let’s Talk International is a semi-structured discussion group and safe space for study abroad returnees, international students, third culture kids, and anybody interested in international/intercultural experiences to explore topics such as identity development, cultural adjustment, cross-cultural relationships, and general navigation of life across cultures.

International Advisory Committee (IAC) – April 30

The International Advisory Committee (IAC) assists the Steinhardt Office of Student Affairs in the organization and promotion of activities which celebrate and engage the diversity of countries, cultures, perspectives, traditions, and values within the Steinhardt community.

The IAC is open to all Steinhardt students interested in intercultural exchange, international diversity, and being involved in student activities. Lunch is served.

Interested in connecting with other globally-minded students at the next IAC meeting on April 30? Email Jill.Stephenson@nyu.edu for more information.