Fall 2011 Course Announcements for Graduate Students

OT-GE 2332 (Class # 1459): Treating Children with Sensory Regulatory Dysfunction
Instructor: Dr. Kristie Koenig
3 Units: Day & Time: July 5-12; 9:00-3:00pm; Location: Education, Room 1101
Course Description:
Examine relevant literature and research findings that supports treatment
of children with sensory regulatory difficulties in a variety of settings.
Students’ clinical and educational experiences are used as a basis to
examine the efficacy and effectiveness of intervention.

SOED-GE 2097 (Class # 2597): Latinos in Urban Schools
Instructor: Eddie Fergus, Ph.D.; Email: edward.fergus@nyu.edu
Units; Day & Time: Monday 4:55-6:35pm; Location: 194 Mercer Street, Room 210
Course Description:
The growing presence of Latinos in US public schools, specifically urban schools, begs targeted examination of their learning and social outcomes. Though often referred to as a pan-ethnic label, Latinos represent a myriad of nationalities, racial classifications and immigrant generations from North and South America. This course is designed to introduce graduate students to the varying sociological explanations of how and why social demographic factors among Latinos (immigrant status, generation, skin color, gender, class, language ability, and national group) operate in learning and social outcomes. This will involve engaging substantive theories (e.g., social and cultural reproduction theories, status attainment, cultural ecological theory, urban culture theories, etc.) in their explanations of Latino students’ learning and social outcomes.

OT-GE 2335 (Class #3073): Successful Intervention in Schools
Instructor: Dr. Kristie Koenig
3 Units; Day & Time: Mondays 6:45-8:25; Location: Education, Room 1101
Course Description:
Examine interventions that have an impact on therapy in the classroom. Students learn to identify strategies and methods that will assist in designing intervention plans that can be implemented in a classroom. They research effective strategies for ensuring best practice in a wide variety of educational systems. The deadline to register for this course is: June 30, 2011

OT-GE 3306 (Class #3106) Advanced Assessment for the Practicing Therapist
Instructor: Dr. Kristie Koenig
3 Units; Day & Time: Tuesdays 3:30-5:25 PM; Location: Education, Room 1106
Course Description:
Selection and use of an evidence-based evaluation system to measure practice outcomes and interpret clinical change.  This process requires selecting the tools for assessment of function based on achieved validity and to accurately interpret observations and measurements. The deadline to register for this course is: June 30, 2011

Announcement from American Education Research Association

The AERA Graduate Student Council (GSC) is pleased to publicly announce the launch of its YouTube initiative. This initiative aims to use technology to broaden the dissemination and influence the way the GSC communicates with its constituents. The first video is now live and outlines pertinent information for Graduate Students who will be submitting a proposal for the first time. Subsequent videos will be released outlining what the GSC does for Graduate Students, as well as a host of other helpful topics for Graduate Students. If you have topics and/or information that you would like to see in future videos, please e-mail me (nhartlep@uwm.edu). We hope that you will have time to view the first video while you are crafting your proposal(s) for the 2012 AERA Annual Meeting to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Friday, April 13 – Tuesday, April 17, 2012. Please remember, "Non Satis Scire: To Know is Not Enough." See you in Vancouver!  Direct link to YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDeBZZwqMI0
Contact: Nicholas D. Hartlep, M.S.Ed., E-mail:  nhartlep@uwm.edu ; Website: www.uwm.edu/~nhartlep

Fall 2011 Course Announcements for Undergraduate Students

SOED-UE. 1050 (Class # 14508): LGBT Topics in Education: Identities, Coming Out and Current Issues in Schools
Instructor: Maggie Fay; Email: maggie.fay@nyu.edu
Units; Day & Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-3:15 pm; Location: Waverly 435
All undergraduate students from all schools are welcome to enroll in this course.
Course Description:
This course focuses on LGBT experiences and the ways in which LGBT young people experience school. The course is designed to help students develop vocabulary and a general understanding of LGBT identities, particularly as these identities are depicted through sexual identity development models and popular coming out narratives. The course also asks students to apply social theory to coming out narratives to gain a critical perspective on how LGBT identities are produced. Students will examine how schools have responded to issues relating to sexual and gender diversity. The course pays particular attention to obstacles to, and potential solutions for creating inclusive educational environments for LGBT people. In light of the past year’s spate of LGBT youth tragedies, the course will examine current issues including schools’ responses to bullying and the creation of additional support mechanisms for LGBT youth in schools. Please contact the course instructor, Maggie Fay (maggie.fay@nyu.edu), with any questions.

New Steinhardt Minor: Global and Urban Education Studies

Steinhardt is launching a new minor in Global and Urban Education Studies, and we are very pleased that Pedro Noguera has agreed to teach one of the courses that satisfies the Urban track next fall: American Dilemmas: Race, Inequality, and the Unfulfilled Promise of Public Education (TCHL-UE 41; Class #16904; 4 Units; Day & Time: Wednesdays 9:30 am – 12:15 pm; Location: Kimball, Room 806). Professor Noguera is an urban sociologist and a leading national authority on school reform and urban education.

The course provides students with background on the historical and sociological foundations of education in the United States. It examines the role that education has played in advancing civil and human rights and it explores the ways in which education continues to be implicated in the maintenance of social inequality in American society. Through readings, lectures, films and class debates, students will gain an understanding of some of the most complex and controversial issues confronting education today including: affirmative action, Bilingual Education, Special Education, the achievement gap, school choice and vouchers, and the role of race and culture in student achievement.

Summer Support @ NYU Libraries

Graduate Students:
We know you work 12 months out of the year, so don’t forget: NYU Libraries are here to support your research needs throughout the summer. Check out our offering of library classes for the summer, which will be posted shortly here:
Don’t forget to take advantage of our grad spaces at Bobst Library during the summer months:
And lastly, feel free to use our Ask a Librarian service if you need assistance with library resources or research questions at any time:
Keep an eye out for our fall instructional offerings — details coming soon.  In the meantime, have a great summer!
–NYU Libraries Graduate Student Working Group

Tea & Empathy During Finals

Take a study break and join the NYU Steinhardt Office of Student Affairs for a little tea & empathy.

Where: Pless Hall, 82 Washington Square East, 1st floor lounge

When: Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 2 pm – 4 pm


             Wednesday, May 11, 2011 2pm – 4pm

We look forward to seeing you.  Good luck with finals!

Class of 2012 Resume Book Collection Begins Monday

Graduation will be here before you know it! If you plan on finding a job after graduation, the early stages of your employment search should begin now. Monday, May 2 – Thursday, May 19, the Wasserman Center for Career Development will collect resumes for the Class of 2012 Resume Books. In the summer and fall, these books will be distributed to hundreds of employers and serve as one source for recruiting Class of 2012 graduates.
Resume Books are heavily marketed to industries including finance, marketing, advertising, public relations, entertainment, health care, consulting, non-profit, government, education, real estate and many more.
To be eligible to participate:
    * You must be officially recognized by the University as receiving an academic degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD) January, May or September 2012 (certificate candidates, MBAs and Law students are NOT eligible).
    * You must have your resume critiqued by the Wasserman Center staff.
For details about how to participate, please click here on May 2.

Congratulations to the 2011-2012 GSO Executive Board!

Please join us in congratulating the newly elected 2011-2012 Executive Board for the Graduate Student Organization!

President: Victoria Sung

Vice President: Elizabeth Misiewicz

Senator: Yvonne Feiger

Event Coordinator: Colin Jamron

Publicity Chair: Alisa Zand

To get involved with Steinhardt’s Graduate Student Organization, visit their website: http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/gso/ or email the Executive Board at steinhardt.gso@nyu.edu.

National College Health Assessment Survey

All NYU students are invited to participate in an anonymous and confidential  web survey designed to assess student health behaviors, which will allow NYU to provide better health and wellness services and support for students. Check your email for additional instructions, the survey will be open until May 9, 2011.  Students who complete the survey will be eligible to win one of over 200 prizes including an iPad, $25 Trader Joes gift cards and $5 gift cards to Jamba Juice or Starbucks.

This study has been approved by UCAIHS, HS 10-5073.