Lunch & Lead Spring 2019

The Lunch & Lead series kicks off on Monday, February 25th!

Making leadership development more accessible to any student at NYU, the Lunch & Lead series offers open workshops and round table discussions on key leadership subjects- all during your lunch break! Programs allow you to choose from a selection of topics and benefit from leadership at your own pace. See below for the first four sessions:

Securing a Recommendation Letter: Best Practices
Monday, February 25th, 12:30–1:30pm  
Unsure of what a good recommendation letter contains or how to go about obtaining one? Learn best practices for requesting and communicating with recommenders.

Inclusive Leadership Practices
Tuesday, February 26th, 12:30–2pm 
How do inclusive leaders navigate the conflicts that arise when working in groups? Learn how to incorporate diverse perspectives in group work, navigate difficult conversations, and deal skillfully with interpersonal and group conflict.

Strategic Alignments: Clarifying Your Commitments
Thursday, February 28th, 12:30–1:30pm 
Many scholarship foundations say they’re looking for students who’ve demonstrated leadership. What does that mean? This workshop will dispel the myths surrounding student leadership and help you to think more mindfully about your leadership style.

Know Your Narrative: How to Tell Your Story
Tuesday, March 5th, 12:30–2:00pm 
The stories we tell about ourselves are often formed and reinforced by accident or how others view us. Learn how to take agency over your narrative and think about the stories you want to share about yourself.

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*Refreshments will be served on a first come first serve basis.