J-Term Startup Sprint Program

J-Term Startup Sprint is a two week long startup accelerator program to get funding, conduct customer discovery and receive mentorship. Past participants have gone on to win the 300K Entrepreneurs Challenge, InnoVention Challenge, TigerLaunch entrepreneurship competition, and more. Collectively teams raised over $1 Million in funding, and at least 8 of the teams are now generating revenue!

We are currently hosting info sessions, which are mandatory for people who intend to apply, so it’s super important that we get the word out now! We also have a team hunt event on November 9. You can find more info about the program at our website.  I’ve also attached an image you can share or use on screens.

We really believe that teams with diverse backgrounds achieve greater success, and it’s our goal to make this a cross-disciplinary program with an emphasis on minority (female, people of color, etc.) founders.