Diversity Education Week: April 3 – 7, 2017

Steinhardt’s Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is delighted to host the school’s inaugural Diversity Education Week from April 3-7. This initiative is geared to our entire community—all students, faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to participate. Diversity Education Week is an opportunity to showcase the culture of our school by promoting our values of equity, diversity, and advocacy. Check out all the events planned for Steinhardt Diversity Week!

Monday, April 3

What Diversity Means at NYU Steinhardt—A Listening & Learning Session  

12-2 PM, Pless 1

The Steinhardt Diversity Council will discuss the meaning of diversity at NYU Steinhardt and the ways students can be involved. Attendees are invited to partake in the conversation and share their thoughts and ideas about diversity on campus.

*Refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, April 4

Justice Zone – Training

2-5 PM, Pless 1

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Justice Zone is a foundational training that functions to facilitate understanding of frequently used concepts such as diversity, equity, and social justice through the lens of race and racism. It takes a deep look into the Cycle of Oppression and the role we all take in its reproduction. Throughout the training, participants will be asked to reflect on their own identities and challenge their daily practices to begin a journey of critical consciousness.

*Refreshments will be served.

Wednesday, April 5

Faculty Building Bridges—Panel

12-2 PM, Pless 1

Various Steinhardt faculty members will discuss the work they are doing to promote diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice. Panelists include:

Alisha Ali, Associate Professor of Applied Psychology

Carlos Chirinos, Clinical Assistant Professor of Music Business

David Kirkland, Associate Professor of English and Urban Education

Charlton McIlwain, Associate Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication

sj Miller, Deputy Director of Education, Equity, Supports & Services

Joe Salvatore, Clinical Associate Professor of Educational Theatre

Niobe Way, Professor of Applied Psychology

*Refreshments will be served.

Wednesday, April 5

Diversity in the Workplace—An Alumni Panel & Networking Mixer

7-8:30 PM, Pless 1

Steinhardt alumni will discuss the various facets of diversity with respect to their careers. If you are interested in attending, please register here. Panelists include:

Minji Kim, MA ’13, Performing Arts Administration

Dayniah Manderson, BS ’03, English Education; MA ’09, Educational Leadership

Michelle Van-Ess, MA ’03, Higher Education & Student Affairs

*Refreshments will be served.

Thursday, April 6

Do it for the Culture—Art Exhibition

4-7 PM, Pless 3

Calling all members of the SBGS community! We invite you to display your talents, skills and craftsmanship at our first ever artist showcase and exhibit! We want to use this platform to highlight different facets of black culture and black experiences. If you are interested in performing a poem or a song, displaying artwork or photographs, or using any other artistic medium to emphasize black culture, sign up here!

*Sponsored by Steinhardt Black Graduate Society (SBGS)

Thursday, April 6

Diversity Open Mic

7 PM, Kimball 1

This open mic will allow students of all backgrounds to share their experiences as diverse individuals through a variety of different mediums including but not limited to song, poetry, and stories. This event will allow students to learn about how our diverse backgrounds create unique lived experiences and will allow us to better understand the lived experiences of our diverse student population.

*Sponsored by the Diversity & Inclusion Student Committee (DISC)


Friday, April 7

Faith Zone—Training

10-1 PM, Pless 1

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Faith Zone is a training workshop designed to promote spiritual and religious literacy and dialogue. Faith Zone engages participants in activities which will increase religious literacy and offer practical tools for learning about religion and spirituality. Participants will receive a certificate of completion and placard to display verifying the completion of the training.

*Sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs

Friday, April 7

Diversity in Higher Education—Panel

5-7 PM, GCASL 375

Panelists will speak about their professional journey and what it means for them to hold a space in higher education. Each panelist will represent a different perspective of diversity.

*Sponsored by the Association of Student Affairs Professionals (ASAP)

Friday, April 7

Painting a Dream—Performance

6:30 PM, 35 W 4th St, Room 1102

Painting a Dream is a theatrical work that encompasses a range of experiences of people of color at NYU.  We interviewed members of the community of color at New York University, reaching out to students, faculty, and staff—recording their responses, choosing selections from those responses, and then interweaving our own experiences with those gathered stories to create a performance. Through performances of these collected and arranged stories, we hope to create a deep conversation which will shed light on the larger issues that people of color are facing at all levels of society, including but not limited to issues of employment, education, community relations, representation in media, and familial relations and interactions.

*Sponsored by the Educational Theatre Program