Inauguration Celebration Week

September 19-25, 2016
Join us for a series of events leading up to the inauguration of NYU’s 16th president, Andrew D. Hamilton, on September 25, 2016.

NYU Talks:

NYU Together: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Organized by the NYU University Senate Advisory Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion. Lunch will be provided. Find more information here.


All men are created equal…yet even in the nation that held that truth to be self-evident, inequities abound. To approach this topic in all of its breadth and complexity, join some of NYU’s top minds in psychology, sociology, public health, social work and law in a Talk on Inequities that will touch on racism, health disparities and the burdens of climate change. Find more information here.


How can today’s campuses — long considered protected spaces of self-expression and activism — continue to foster critical dialogue when the issues at stake constrain those willing to engage? In a Talk where the topic of Space means more than physical location, the conversation will focus on what it means to teach and learn today in “spaces” under scrutiny by both faculty and students. Find more information here.

For a full program of events, go to


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