Summer Employment as an Assistant Instructional Technologist

Submit an application for a summer position as an Assistant Instructional Technologist. Students will work directly with Steinhardt faculty and a full-time Instructional Technologist on Course Innovation Grants.

Need a summer job? Interested in enhancing courses with technology? Join Steinhardt’s Technology Services team for the summer and work with faculty and instructional technologists to adapt, enhance, and/or restructure existing courses at NYU Steinhardt.  This work experience will be paid at $15/hour.

●      Matriculated Steinhardt undergraduate and graduate students
●      Must commit to 20 hours per week between May 16 – August 5
●      May 16- 19 9am – 5pm
●      May 23- 26 9am -5pm
●      May 30 – August 5 (20-30 hours per week)
●      Team meetings Wednesday

Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
●     Current knowledge of technology and instructional practices that relate to the use of technology.
●     Considerable knowledge of the current literature, trends, and developments in the field of instructional technology and/or education.
●     Ability to evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs and courses, and make recommendations for improvements.
●     Knowledge about effective teaching practices, including various methods of assessment and evaluation
●     Ability to effectively express ideas orally and in writing

Gained Skills & Abilities:
As a result of this summer position, previous Assistant Instructional Technologists noted a considerable improvement in their leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Click here and here, to learn more about past student’s experiences working with STS and Steinhardt faculty during the Course Innovation Grant program.

Application Requirements:
●      Basic Information: Name, Email, Department, Program, Anticipated year of graduation
●      Writing Sample Prompt: Why are you interested in this position?
●      Letter of reference
●      Provide a resume, portfolio, or website

Apply Here Deadline: March 25, 2016   – Chosen candidates will be invited to participate in an interview on or before April 8, 2016.
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