You Believe What?! Turning Disagreement into Inclusive Discussion – February 8, 2016

On February 8th, best-selling author, media personality and educator, Professor Irshad Manji, will lead an edgy, interactive event that introduces you to the key teaching of moral courage: listening turns our fears of being judged by “the other” into opportunities for our own voices to be heard by “others.” Using her powerful personal story to set the stage, Professor Manji will compel you to examine your personal values, where they come from and what you are willing to stand for despite the disapproval of family, friends, or society.

You will recognize what constructive conflict is and how you can contribute to making values-based conflicts a growth experience for all involved (yourself included). Finally, you will leave this event having practiced difficult yet meaningful dialogues in which you stand your ground and, at the same time, seek common ground. In short: You will trump the tone of 2016’s politics.

Registration is limited. RSVP today!