Stressbusters Alert! Stressbusters Alert!

Welcome back, NYU!

We hope you’ve all enjoyed a stress-free summer. As we dive back into busting stress, check out some of the events kicking off during Welcome Week, where you can score a FREE backrub:
  • Opening Welcome Week event: Tuesday, September 1st, 3 – 4 PM, Kimmel – Room 405
  • Wind Down Wednesday: Wednesday, September 2nd, 3:30 – 4 :30 PM in the Health Promotion Office (726 Broadway, 3rd Floor)
  • Stressbusters Week 2015: For the first time ever, NYU Stressbusters are hosting a full week of relaxing, stress busting events! Join us 9/14 – 9/18 for FREE backrubs, guided meditation, a talk with one of our very own dynamic professors and a build your own stress toy workshop!
  • Interested in becoming a stress-busting hero? Join the force! October training dates are set and we look forward to receiving your applications!
Stressbusting Tip of the Week: We know back-to-school can be a hectic time, so try taking a break and listening to relaxing and/or classical music — it calms the body down!
*If at any time you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, do not hesitate to reach out to the Wellness Exchange. Counselors are available to talk 24/7.

Have a great first week folks!