Center for K-12 STEM Education at the NYU School of Engineering

The Center for K-12 STEM Education at the NYU School of Engineering has many exciting paid internship opportunities available for summer 2015. We are seeking talented students who are passionate about inspiring young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and dedicated to help prepare them to pursue STEM studies. The Center’s summer programs serve hundreds of middle and high school students, complementing our work during the academic year with schools and teachers in classrooms and after-school programs.

Summer 2015 positions will be full-time, with assignments (depending on program) running between 6 and 9 weeks. We anticipate positions in programs such as Science of Smart CitiesComputer Science for Cyber Security, and Applied Research Innovations in Science and Engineering. Successful applicants will receive training in curricula as well as instructional practices. 

The Center’s programs are hands-on, and seek to engage young people in STEM disciplines by emphasizing the ways in which the fundamentals of science, technology and engineering are applied to solve real-world problems and to discover new knowledge through research. In our programs, we primarily use materials and gear you would find in a lab environment such as microcontrollers, circuit components, and motors; demonstrations and experiments in the curricula are conducted with tools and techniques used by all manner of scientists and engineers.

We are seeking students with diverse STEM and education backgrounds, including engineering disciplines, computer science, biology, chemistry and the like. The Center offers a mission-oriented, supportive, rewarding and well-compensated work environment.

Think you would make a great addition to our team?

Please submit your application for Summer 2015 STEM Instructor on NYU CareerNet. The complete job listing and all relevant information can be found by searching Job ID 966520.