Studying in the UK & Scholarships: Rhodes, Marshall, Gates & Others

Information Sessions March 12 and April 2, 2015 for studying in the United Kingdom and the scholarships—the Rhodes, Marshall, Gates Cambridge, Churchill and Mitchell—that will get you there.

This spring, the Office of National Scholarships at NYU is hosting TWO information sessions that will cover the basic differences between a North American graduate education and a U.K. one and help you search for programs that suit your research interests. We’ll also explain the ins and outs of five prestigious scholarships that pay for study in the U.K.: the Rhodes, Marshall, Gates Cambridge, Churchill, and Mitchell (to Ireland and Northern Ireland). The deadline for NYU’s application development process for ALL of these scholarships is May 1st (see details here) so this is the time to start your research.

Studying in the UK I – March 12, 2015   TIME: 5.30-7pm    LOCATION: Silver Room 414 There are many reasons why studying the U.K might be a good idea. You might benefit from studying another set of institutional structures (for instance, working in comparative public policy), or want a trans-Atlantic education. If you already have a Masters, you might be drawn by the possibility of enrolling in a Doctorate of Philosophy, which is essentially a three-year graduate degree that would give you the British equivalent of a PhD. We’ll cover these scenarios and more, offering a glossary of different terms and web-resources you should use as you research your options.

We will also offer a 20-minute overview of UK Scholarships, the Rhodes, Marshall, Gates Cambridge, Churchill, and Mitchell (to Ireland and Northern Ireland), explaining NYU’s application development process and answering questions you may already have. We’ll then be joined via Skype by NYU alumni currently studying at Oxford, who can answer your questions about what it’s like to study at Oxford and in the U.K.

Studying in the UK II – April 2, 2015 Time: 5.30-7pm Location: Silver Room 411
This is a more intensive look at the UK Scholarships and the application process. The information session will begin with a consideration of past winners (particularly of the Rhodes, Marshall and Gates). We’ll focus on the differences between each application (what a Marshall application actually looks like, as opposed to a Gates), and what each scholarship foundation is looking for. We will also explain NYU’s application development process.  We will then be joined by a panel of students who applied for these scholarships last year. They’ll talk about how they decided to apply, what the application process is like, and what they wish they’d known before they began. A 20 min Q&A will follow.  This event will be recorded, but only pieces of it will be placed online at This is a one-off event.

Students from ALL years are welcome, though you will need to be at least a senior in Fall 2015 to be eligible for these scholarships. You will need to research each scholarship in detail for further information about eligibility.

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