Being a Badass for Good: Student Panel Discussion on How to Create Social Change at NYU

To kick-off NYU’s internal nomination process for the Truman Scholarship, the Office of National Scholarships at NYU is happy to announce a panel discussion on the types of social change and leadership to which undergraduates at NYU can consider committing.

Sometimes it’s hard to work out, given the maelstrom of courses, study-abroad experiences, clubs, and community service opportunities on offer at NYU, what one can (or should) commit to; breadth is important, but so is depth. You don’t want to gain experience simply for the sake of saying you did it, but neither do you want to feel inflexible about new opportunities. Besides, you shouldn’t have it all worked out right now, right?

Join NYU’s four Truman nominees for this year—Krystal McLeod, Isabelle Klinghoffer, Chloe Chick and Shirley LaVarco—to discuss how they created social change while at NYU. They’ll explain what they did in their freshman, sophomore and junior years and the lessons they learned along the way. They’ll also discuss the experience of applying for the Truman. Jenni Quilter, the Director of National Scholarships, will moderate the event.

DATE: March 4, 2015 (Wednesday) TIME: 6-7pm  LOCATION: Silver/Waverly Room 520

Students from ALL years are welcome; though this year’s application process is for rising sophomores (i.e. students who will be juniors Fall 2015), the panel discussion will be relevant for anyone interested in questions of leadership and community involvement, particularly if they are preparing for other scholarship applications.
This event will be recorded, but only pieces of it will be placed online at This is a one-off event.  For details on the Truman, see here:

For NYU’s call for internal applications, see below:
This document covers eligibility, application questions and the application process. Please read carefully before you fill out an application form, which is available here.
The deadline for applications is April 6, 2015, 5pm EST.

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