Volunteer to Work with NYC High School Students

Project College, a group founded and run by NYU students to improve college access for NYC high school seniors, is recruiting additional workshop leaders to provide our students assistance in understanding and applying for financial aid (everything from federal aid to state aid, scholarships, and opportunity programs). This is a wonderful opportunity for students to get hands-on experience with NYC high school students, to improve educational equity, and to fulfill community service requirements.

On average, the high schools that Project College works with have a student-to-college counselor ratio of over 400:1, meaning that students get very little face-to-face time with their college counselors. Students are therefore not adequately assisted with their financial aid applications. In fact, every year, almost 2 million aid-eligible students across the country never apply for financial aid.

That’s why we recruit passionate, outgoing, and social-justice minded students like you to educate students and provide them 1-to-1 assistance in applying to federal aid, state aid, scholarships, and opportunity programs. Because of volunteers like you, 640 NYC-students will have a much better chance of enrolling in college this year. All workshop leaders are provided a free, professional, comprehensive financial aid training. If interested, provide your email here, and we will send you information about our upcoming info sessions in the first week of the semester. If you have questions, you can check out our website, or email me at faria@projectcollegenyc.org.”


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