Participate in the NYU Production Lab Roundtable

The NYU Production Lab – a collaborative, interdisciplinary effort among schools at the University that will offer resources and experiential learning opportunities to students interested in the film and media industries — wants to hear from you!  In order to provide the best resources, beneficial programming, and tailored support for students across the campus, we invite you to sign up for a Production Lab Roundtable to learn more about the Lab and to provide you with an opportunity to impact the Lab’s development.

The development, production, marketing, and distribution of feature films offers a wide variety of opportunity for students across disciplines to apply their education, skills, and passions to tangible and exciting products. We look forward to speaking with interested students from all schools who are interested in any aspect of the film and media industries at these roundtable discussions.

With time, we anticipate the Lab’s work to expand beyond film and media into other areas of the arts as well.  So if experiential learning opportunities in the arts in general has your interest piqued, please let us know!
Please sign up for a Roundtable here and don’t hesitate to be in touch with us at with your questions, comments, or ideas.

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