Office of Advisement and Registration Emails

David Zapotocky, Director of Advisement & Registration Services

Meeting university deadlines for registration are important, particularly at the graduate level, since this often may translate into money.  Missing a deadline for registration may result in a $50 late registration fee or interest charges for tuition not yet paid or in the worst case scenario paying for a course you have dropped too late (after the second week of the term).  So it is important that when the Office of Advisement & Registration Services sends you emails they should be read as it is here that these deadlines will appear. It is also important to review before each semester begins the University Registration calendar which can be accessed at:

The Office of Advisement & Registration Services is here to help you meet these deadlines by providing you, through email or at orientation, the information you need in order to successfully complete your registration and payments by the deadlines. We provide as much information as possible through the Office of Student Affairs website:

But we may not have all the answers, as many of the deadlines are established by the University through the Registrar ( and Bursar ( so make sure you also visit those websites.

Meeting deadlines helps reduce the hassle and worry of registration and payment. So keep yourself informed of deadlines, look out for deadline information, and seek answers through either the University Student Services Office at 25 W. 4th Street, First Floor, or Steinhardt Advisement & Registration Services at 82 Washington Square East (Pless Hall), Second Floor.