Be a Health Leader

Whether you are the planner, the post-er, or the performer, there is a role for you as an
NYU Health Leader!  In addition to their role as Student Health Center Ambassadors, NYU Health Leaders promote health and wellness through participation in one of the following track teams:
The Facilitator Team, our “performers”, loves expressing ideas with frozen body language.  In the future, they hope to run for President or headline a Vegas show — all the while maintaining the role of social change agent.  Facilitators lead NYU’s bystander intervention training, Step Up! NYU.  They not only facilitate, but create and lead interactive theatre!
The Media Team, our “post-ers”, secretly hopes their YouTube channel will go viral.  In the future, they hope to reach the masses with their state-of-the-art Zombie Apocalypse warning system.  The Media Team creates a venue for imparting important health messages.  They use their creative talents to reach the masses through video, social media, blogging, and more!
The Outreach Team, our “planners”, knows how to create an “experience” and can coax anyone to attend their events with their charm and encyclopedic knowledge.  In the future, they hope to beat the Guiness Book of World Records’ record for the largest flash mob.
Outreach collaborates with other offices, develops new programs, and speaks with NYU students on a myriad of health topics, while staffing information tables/events around campus.
Apply today to further develop your skills and utilize your talents to create a healthier NYU! Deadline is Thursday, Nov 1, 2012

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