A hands-on introduction to doing scholarly work in a digital world

In Fall 2012, the Division of Libraries and The Humanities Initiative at NYU offer a series of six workshops to introduce graduate students and faculty to tools that enable and support digital scholarship. Each session explores uses and benefits of technology for specific scholarly tasks while providing hands-on practice with particular tools and information about further training in NYU Libraries’ Digital and Data Service Studios. All of these tools are used across disciplines in the arts and sciences.

The workshops will be held on six Fridays during Fall semester, 2012, from 12:30 – 2 p.m., in the Media Viewing Room, Bobst Library Research Commons, 5th floor west.

Space is very limited. View class descriptions and register

  • September 14: From CV to website: What does it mean to be a scholar online, and how can you get started?
  • September 28: From video to streaming media: Want to include media in your web site, post a conference or talk, or create your scholarship in video form?
  • October 12: From writing to blogging: Do you want to make your scholarship more public?
  • October 26: From bibliography to online research: Learn how to gather, manage, and share your research material
  • November 9: From reading to text mining: An introduction to analysis of digital text collections, from skills you might need to learn
  • November 30: From evidence to web: Learn how to present your research visually (text, images, and spatial or numeric data) via maps

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