Dissertation/Thesis Progression and Completion Toolkit

The dissertation and thesis toolkit is designed to help students who are struggling to progress /complete their required assignments. This toolkit is aimed at helping students identify the barriers to successful completion and teach skills aimed at promoting self-awareness, positive thinking, and improve performance. This workshop is open to all NYU student struggling with the following issues:

  • Writer’s block
  • Feeling stuck in the dissertation/thesis process
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the assignment
  • Anxiety (especially performance anxiety) regarding their work
  • Perfectionistic thoughts

Students must attend all 4 sessions to gain maximum benefits.

Session 1 (July 11th) Identifying the Problem: Procrastination and Perfectionism Cycle

Session 2 (July 18th) Cognitive Distortions and Myths

Session 3 (August 1st) Time Management = Setting SMART Goals

Session 4 (August 8th) Focus, Concentration and Relaxation

With Whom: Dr. Julie Shulman Kupfer
Where:  Counseling and Wellness Services, 726 Broadway, Suite 471

How to sign up: Call the front desk at 212.998.4780; no referral necessary