NYU Sustainability Update, February 2012


Green Grants — Apply now!

Twice per year, NYU’s Sustainability Task Force awards Green Grants of up to $20,000 to students, faculty and staff for seed funding to support pilot initiatives for campus greening, community-building, engagement and applied research. Visit our website for application materials and guidelines — the optional, short Expression of Interest deadline for extra feedback is approaching soon, but the full Application Deadline for Spring 2012 projects is March 23rd.

The Task Force recently announced funding for eight new proposals, including: a Student Food Co-op at NYU that will serve local, organic and fairly-traded food at affordable prices in a campus street cart; a behavioral research study exploring how to resolve Environmental Commons Dilemmas; the Compost Collection at NYU Wagner team pioneering event-based biodegradable waste collection beyond residence and dining halls; and NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate students’ Existing Buildings LEED Feasibility and Opportunity Analysis project that will evaluate new opportunities to retrofit and improve the performance of university-owned buildings.

Become a "Sustainability Advocate" For NYU

The Sustainability Advocate Program comprises NYU staff and faculty working together to harness the effort, energy, and enthusiasm of the university community to green their departments and work spaces across campus. The advocates play a key role in educating colleagues and students to help build a university-wide culture of sustainability. We encourage you to become a part of this growing coalition — over 200 Sustainability Advocates already participate by spending 1-2 hours per month of work time on projects like improving recycling, sharing eco-opportunities with colleagues, and configuring office equipment to save energy and money.

Get involved! We are actively recruiting new participants. Simply RSVP for a training session below. Then, be sure to fill out this form to join.

RSVP Wed Feb 15, 12:30-1:30 PM -OR- RSVP Fri Feb 24, 12:30-1:30 PM

Recycling Upgrades

Don’t forget — now that NYU’s Mixed Recycling system is in place, you can deposit all recyclable items – plastics, paper, cardboard, metal and glass – in just one labeled bin! Goods are further sorted in a new, cutting-edge materials recovery facility. The change applies to nearly all academic buildings on campus – see bin labels for more info.

And with the expanded Technoscrap collection program, you now have more bins across campus to deposit CDs, cell phones, batteries and other e-wastes to ensure proper recycling or disposal of hazardous components. Now let’s work together to send NYU’s current 30% waste diversion rate through the roof! Learn more about recycling upgrades at NYU, and how you can help.

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