Wasserman Funded Internship Award

The Wasserman Center for Career Development has established a Funded Internship Award to support students pursuing unpaid internships at non-profits, international organizations, arts institutions, and other industries that traditionally do not pay their interns. This $1,000 scholarship affords students the opportunity to participate in career exploration and experiential learning through unpaid career-related internships, gives students access to professional networks in the US and abroad, and facilitates the lifelong learning skills associated with solid career development.

This can be a tremendous opportunity for students who want to gain relevant professional experience, but give up valuable learning opportunities due to financial considerations. In order to be considered for the Funded Internship Award, students must:
• Have secured an unpaid internship at a non-profit or other organization that does not traditionally pay its interns
• Work a minimum of 7 hours a week over 10 weeks during the Spring semester
• Complete an online application by February 21, 2012
• Earn at least a 3.0 GPA
The Wasserman Center’s Funded Internship Award is not affiliated with Federal Work Study or financial aid. It is a one-time stipend awarded directly to selected applicants. Applications can be submitted through NYU CareerNet, Job ID#810998. Instructions are available at http://www.nyu.edu/careerdevelopment/funded_internship.php.
If you have any questions regarding the Funded Internship Award, please feel free to email fundedinternshipaward@nyu.edu or contact Gracy Sarkissian at (212-998-4738).

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