NYU Entrepreneurs Festival – Friday & Saturday, November 11 & 12

Ideas. We all have them. You thought of 14 better ways to screw in a light-bulb on the way to class this morning, and let’s not forget the reusable toilet paper idea you had last week. Let’s face it: you’ve thought up more apps, gadgets and businesses than there are seconds in a day. You know the key to your success is somewhere in your grey matter, but which of these gems would actually make it in the real world, and where do you begin?

Well, you’re part of the NYU community, aren’t you? Be you student, faculty, staff or alumni–come to the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival and let us tell you how. Hear it straight from over 45 entrepreneurs, founders and startup veterans–all fellow NYUers–there to share their stories and discuss yours. Tickets to this two-day event include free food and drinks, and admission to the open-bar afterparty!

To register go to http://nyuef.eventbrite.com/

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