NYU Distinguished Teaching Award Nominations Due November 11, 2011

As a reminder, nominations for the NYU Distinguished Teaching Award are due November 11, 2011. Nominations may be submitted by students, faculty, and alumni. Please note that only full-time faculty members with one of the following titles are eligible to receive the award:
– Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor
– Clinical Professor, Clinical Associate Professor, Clinical Assistant Professor
– Research Professor, Research Associate Professor, Research Assistant Professor
– Master Teacher, Teacher

Please note that past winners of the award may not be nominated again. For a list of past award recipients, go to the following link: http://lists.nyu.edu/t/12505887/19636456/7545/0/

As you may know, the award was established to recognize full-time faculty who have contributed significantly to the intellectual life of the University through their teaching. Recipients of the award will have demonstrated their excellence as educators over a sustained period of time. You may use the following criteria as a guide:
– A record of outstanding teaching effectiveness both within and outside the classroom
– The ability to inspire, promote, and sustain the intellectual development of students
– A pedagogical approach that is innovative (new approaches using current or new models of teaching), intellectually rigorous, creative, and engaging
– Demonstrated scholarly/professional contributions and their integration into the classroom that foster critical thinking and
challenge students to independent inquiry
– Advising/mentoring of undergraduate or graduate students or doctoral and clinical supervision-interactions outside of the classroom and the quality of such interactions
– Contribution to developing or enhancing curricula in the field
– Length of service
– Internal school awards/honors received

Please forward your nominations by Friday, November 11th to steinhardt.dta11-12@nyu.edu

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