International Lecture Series Sponsored by The Wasserman Center

Tuesday, 10/25/11 5pm to 6pm @ The Wasserman Center

Patricia Moore Nicholas, Project Manager in Carnegie Corporation’s International Program, will discuss her experiences working in the field of international affairs. She focuses on grantmaking concerning a range of peace and security issues. She developed and implemented the Corporation’s grantmaking program on biological weapons nonproliferation. She also remains involved in the Corporation’s nuclear weapons grantmaking.

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Thursday, 11/17/11 5pm to 6pm @ The Wasserman Center

Dr. Nancy Walker currently teaches at Ankara University’s Center for African Studies. She has been living in Turkey since 2007, where she was a Visiting Scholar at Bilkent University and also consulted and guest lectured on African security and development. From September 2009 through February 2011, Dr. Walker served as the founding Director and then Senior Fellow at the Ansari Africa Center of the Atlantic Council.

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